Udupi: PMO Acting with Political Vendetta Against Opposition Leaders on the National Herald case – Janardhan Poojary

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Udupi: “The Prime Minister’s Office has been holding every efforts to level baseless accusations on Congress leaders through Subramanian Swamy under the leadership of Narendra Modi,” said senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary. He was addressing a press meet at the Press Club here on Saturday, December 12.

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“The National Herald newspaper was founded by Jawaharlal Nehru during the freedom struggle. When it was suffering loss, reporters and management had approached me when I was a central minister and help was initiated by appealing to banks and organisations to advertise in National Herald. The organisation went into further loss and then it was absorbed with Young India, another newspaper owned by Indian National Congress. The owners are not entitled to any dividend but Subramanian Swamy for political gains has been making baseless claims.”

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been supporting Subramanian Swamy to continue his efforts to ruin the Gandhis by making baseless accusations. For the same, Modi has met Subramanian Swamy two days ago and held talks.” Poojary alleged that the Prime Minister’s Office was misusing the Enforcement Directorate in the case to target Congress leaders.

Hitting out at Swamy, the petitioner in the case, Poojary said that Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Oscar Fernandes will win the case as they have not received any money as accused by Swamy.

“Subramanian Swamy has been accusing Congress on this issue since 1977. An officer from the PMO has said that there was no involvement of Rahul and Sonia in the case. The PM soon transferred the official and then appointed another officer, who has been working on behalf of the PM to ruin Congress. The Central Government as to have control over media houses has initiated steps to ruin NDTV and Sun Network,” alleged Poojary.

“Intellectuals are alarming other intellectuals on the rising intolerance in the country but there have been continued efforts to silence them. Elected representatives should address the issue of rising intolerance in the country. The governors appointed by the NDA government are giving statements saying Muslims should leave the country. The government has remained silent on the statement of central minister V K Singh who compared the Dalits burnt alive to dogs. The people are noticing the failures of the central government and will soon give a suitable answer during elections.”

The official candidate of Congress party for upcoming general elections will win. The other Congress leaders having differences should respect the values and principles of the Congress party, he added.

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  1. Anyone listening to Mr. Poojary? Leaders should respect the values and principles of Congress party and alas India will be doomed if people elect such leaders who embrace the current values and principles of Congress party. Coming to National Herald case, let us wait for the judicial outcome instead of coming to our own conclusion without knowing the merits of the case. The only thing we can do at present is to help Sonia and Rahul by rolling over at the temple praying for their acquittal.

  2. Agreed BJP n Jaitley making charges on Cong n Soga n Raga!!
    PMO is not proved but Cong n Sibal making charges!!
    But NH belonged to Cong started by Nehru, AJL formed by Cong, young india co started by Young Pappu Rahulji baba n mother Soniaji !! Cong transfer to NH 90 cr is done by Cong!! The loan written off as bad debt by Cong!! NH closed by AJL share holder Soga/ Raga 68% …If all these are correct why blame Jaitley n Modi n BJP

  3. Dear Poojarisab,
    I am pakka supporter of BJP,but in the same time having great respect on you because you are very clean and honest.No doubt you are one of the pillar in South Canara to bring congress in progress. But that does not mean that whatever you are telling is true or reasonable. I am having one question to you that why your Congress High Commond is not giving much weight on you like Oscar and Moily got? Because you are not feeding your party or madam. Where as Mr Moily is feeding the party for position. Please without knowing the fact of National Herald don’t give your opinion basing on Rahul, Sibal and other people report. It is sure that Sonia G and Rahul G go behind the bar and Sonia G will run away from our country……

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