Udupi: Police Arrest Two on Charges of Cattle Trafficking

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Udupi: The Malpe police arrested two persons from Malpe on charges of illegal cattle trafficking here, on Sunday, August 22.

The arrested have been identified as Mohammed Yaseen of Paduthonse andMohammed Harshad (17) of Hoode.

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Sources said that the Malpe Police had received a tip off from credible sources, which led them to halt an Indica car near Nejar Pragathinagar during the wee hours. They found 1 cow and 2 calves inside the car.

The accused allegedly stole the cows from the cattle shed of a house in Kolalgiri. It is learnt that they have confessed to the police that the cattle were being carried to Hoode for slaughter.

A case has been registered in the Malpe Police Station.

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  1. “The accused allegedly stole the cows from the cattle shed of a house in Kolalgiri” – Report.

    ‘Naalige chapala’ crowd should make a note of this. Why is it that one community is overwhelmingly involved in illegal activities from Mangaluru vimaana nildaana to a cattle shed in kolagiri? Well, this is the question any self-respecting, honest, intelligent person should ask without a fear of any backlash. Don’t expect it to come from our self-declared secular crowd as they lack all these three virtues. Look at the age of one of these criminals – At the age of 17, he is not worried about getting into one of the elite Engineering or medical colleges. Instead, he is stealing cows!! How depressing!! Fake secular values mixed with religious bigotry have failed minorities in India. Really sad.

    • Dear Original R.Paimaam of USA, stop shedding crocodile tears for “Sanatana Dharma”.

      Tell us, if the Sanathana Sarathi PM Modi’s Honourable Foreign Minister and Honourable adopted mother of Mining Mafia Reddy brothers, Sushma Swaraj, would come to Bellary to perform Varamahalaxmi Vrath this time, now that Reddies are out of jail on bail!

      I ask this to you, for since the Reddies were put behind the bars, she had stopped performing Varamahalaxmi Vrath!!!

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