Udupi: Sacrifice of Animals in Endowment Temple in Kaup is contempt of Court – Dayananda Swamiji

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Udupi: People should join hands with the district administration to stop sacrificing innocent animals to deities, said Dayananda Swamiji of Vishwa Prani Kalyana Mandal. He was speaking at a press meet supporting the district administration’s stand over the ban of animal sacrifice during Maripuja and other public occasions.

“Every religion says ‘No’ to bloodshed but people are misguided into sacrificing animals as a form of offerings to the deities. The High Court of Karnataka has banned animal sacrifice but due to the negligence of the district administration and the police department, the act has not been implemented.”

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He said that the temple where the animals are sacrificed in Kaup is an endowment temple which comes under the purview of the Muzrai Department but the district administration has failed to implement stringent measures in the past to stop animal sacrifice. “The blood of innocent animals in Kaup is destroying the sanctity of the temple. Political organizations, instead of following the High Court’s guidelines, are supporting animal sacrifice which is condemnable.

“If the animal sacrifice is held in the Kaup Maripuja, then it will be a contempt of court as the court order clearly says no to animal sacrifice.” He further said that the state government has signed an undertaking of controlling and ending animal sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Tulunadu Rakshana Vedike staged a protest in-front of the Clock Tower Udupi over the order of the district administration banning animal sacrifice (hens and goats) during Maripuja, Kaup here on March 24.

Yogish Shetty Jeppu, President of Tulunadu Rakshana Vedike, said that deliberate attempts are being made to destroy Tulunadu culture and banning of animal sacrifice during Maripuja is an indication of the same.

“Animal sacrifice is a form of offering to the goddess which causes no harm to anyone. The sacrifice of hens to the goddess is a belief which has historical significance. The banning of animal sacrifice during Maripuja will affect the customs and traditions of Tulunadu. There is no pressure put on the people to offer animals; it is their choice. The government should soon intervene by protecting the interests of the people.”

Mohan Das Rai, Ramesh Poojary Shiroor, Ansar Ahmed, Dinesh Shetty Yermal, Azaruddin, Vikas Shetty, Rohit Karmballi, Nishu Nishal Shetty and others were present.

Adequate security arrangements are made for the smooth conduct of the annual feast: SP Annamalai

SP Annamalai told Mangalorean.com that people have been requested to not violate the High Court order. The devotees have been appealed through the local leaders. He said measures have been taken to facilitate the smooth conduct of the annual festival. “If at all the devotees go for animal sacrifice, FIRs would be registered against them.” He said that police will be deployed to ensure safety and peace in the area.

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