Udupi: Severe Agitation to be Launched if Issues in Adani Led UPCL Not Settled – Vinay Kumar Sorake

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Udupi: A severe agitation will be launched if the Adani group fails to set right the environmental hazards from UPCL affecting people living nearby the power plant, said Vinay Kumar Sorake, Minister for Urban Development and Minister in-charge of Udupi district. He was addressing the mediapersons at the press meet held at the Press Club, here on May 19.

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The ordinance to the land acquisition act has benefited many corporates. Narendra Modi’s boon to the people of Udupi is helping out the Adani group to purchase Udupi Power Corporation Limited. The intention of the company is to expand the project to the third phase to produce more power. The third phase will cover Inna, Belman and other regions which will have adverse affects on farmers and people living nearby the power plant. My intention is clear; I will suppress the project if the company proceeds with any objective that affects the lives of the people,” said Sorake.

He also said that officials from the Adani group had interacted with him but had not made it very clear that the issues affecting the lives of people would be settled. “The dues to the Panchayat are to be settled, the CSR funds are also to be utilized. Saline water entering agricultural fields has to be prevented. If these issues are not settled, a severe agitation will be launched.” Sorake also highlighted that a criminal case was booked against him by UPCL for questioning their failure in paying taxes to the Panchayat.

“Shobha Karandlaje has the expertise to level baseless allegations, and she stands first among the BJP leaders in this. The MP finds time to level baseless allegations on the government but she cannot present a single developmental project initiated by the central government in Udupi district. Apart from releasing funds from her MP lad, she has failed to bring in developmental perspectives to the district. She fought hard for the establishment of an IIT in Raichur. If she was so concerned about the district, she could have asked the central government for the establishment of IIT in Udupi. Instead of criticizing the state government, let her pressurize the central government to initiate better developmental projects in Udupi district.”

“The UPA government in its tenure had released Rs 6400 crore for the Urban Development Ministry, but the NDA government has reduced the same to Rs 3000 crore. The central government has failed to sanction any funds for the Urban Development Ministry.” Sorake highlighted that letters were written to MPs representing Karnataka for the release of funds, but there was no response.

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Commenting on Kota Srinivas Poojary’s statement saying that the Sarvodaya Sadhana Samavesha has turned in to Roadhana Samavesha, Sorake said that Srinivas Poojary made the statement because he was reminded of B S Yedurappa’s crying while BJP was in power. He also said that BSY is day dreaming of bringing back BJP to power in the state while he may go back to jail soon.

The financial burdens of the BJP government were rectified by the Congress, as they had proposed many projects but failed to allocate money for the same.

Hitting hard on allegations of former MLA Raghupati Bhat stating that Vinay Kumar Sorake has restricted himself to Kaup constituency even though he is the district in-charge minister, Sorake said that he has visited 75 Gram Panchayats across the district and has focused on the development of the district. “He should learn the difference between a PG centre and a Science Research Centre. The Chief Minister has announced a PG centre and it will be established in Udupi after thorough consultations.” He also said that Bhat’s criticism is an indication to the next assembly polls.

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The proposal for upgrading Bramhavar to Town Municipality has been considered and necessary action will be taken. Kaup constituency has 29 Panchayats but there is no Town Panchayat or Town Municipality. As Kaup is projected as the Taluk centre, setting up TMC is a good move. He also said that a full time commissioner will be appointed to the City Municipality Council as the transfer process is likely to begin.

The state government has sent a recommendation to the central government to drop 21 villages in Udupi district coming under the purview of the Kasturirangan Report. The population in the 21 villages is dense and the state government has proposed the implementation of the report in wildlife and reserve forest.

“The state government has effectively completed a development oriented 2 years. The progressive governance of the Congress government has initiated several measures to develop Karnataka. The Siddaramaih led government has concentrated in the development of Udupi District. The Varahi Irrigation project has also witnessed tremendous progress. 60% of the work has been completed, and the water is being supplied to canals for irrigation. The dues of farmers and laborers of the Bramhavar Sugar Factory amounting to Rs 12 crore have been settled. Various developmental works costing Rs 1002 crore have been initiated in the district and are witnessing speedy progress,” he added.

Vinay Kumar Sorake congratulated the SSLC and PUC students, their parents and teachers for their achievements and for making the district proud.

Hitting hard on Raghupati Bhat’s allegation that Pramod Madhwaraj silence is affecting development of the constituency, Pramod said that in his term of two years, he has initiated more developmental projects than Raghupati Bhat had during 8 years in office. He also said that a medical college will be constructed in Upoor and a police training school will also be setup.

“The candidates supported by Congress party will have good victory in the Gram panchayat elections. Party workers convention in the respective blocks in the district has been organized. The people are convinced with the functioning of the government in promoting welfare oriented projects.”

“The central government’s smart city project is in vain. The financial grant extended to port development has been rectified. The burden is more on the state where the state government has to bear 60% of the project cost while central government has restricted itself to 40%,” he added.

Congress leaders Prakash Kodavoor, Narasimhamurthy, Keshav Kotian and others were present.

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    Please investigate if the holding/parent company of UPCL is in Mauritius or India.

    Adani’s various businesses appear to be registered in Mauritius. Tax in Mauritius is about 3%.

    This information might be valuable before preparing for the Bruhat Pratibhatane.

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