Udupi: Shivraj Tangadagi should be sacked from cabinet – Mattaru Rathnakar Hegde

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Udupi: The Congress led state government is causing great harm to the farmers, said Mattaru Rathnakar Hegde. He was speaking at a protest organized by the Bharatiya Janata Party against Minister Shivraj Tangadagi in front of the Clock Tower, here on June 27.

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“Law and order in the state has failed after the Congress came to power. Innocent people who struggle for truth are killed. A youth who raised his voice against corruption in the district was killed by the followers of Minister Shivraj Tangadagi. Tangadagi is directly involved in the killing of the youth,” alleged Hegde. “CM Siddaramaih should sack Shivraj Tangadagi from the cabinet,” he said.

“The government which came to power after promising to maintain law and order in the state has dropped 248 cases against KFD and PFI organizations. By doing so, the government has supported terrorism.”

“Sugarcane growers, who have been protesting against the government to pay their dues, are being harassed. The government, in order to convince the sugarcane growers, has seized the sugar factory, Sugarcane growers are committing suicide after failing to repay their loans. The Congress government is known for providing various ‘bhagyas’ and in addition is also providing ‘suicide bhagya’,” he added.

“CM Siddaramaih has failed to lead the state towards development, he should soon step down from the post of the Chief Minister,” he added.

Former district BJP chief Uday Kumar Shetty, Sheela K Shetty, Githanjali Suvarna, Yashpal Suvarna, Ranjith Salian, Raghavendra Kini and others were present.

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  1. Dear Mattaru,

    Before I listen to you please release the government land you have gobbled up in front of your house in Udupi – daylight robbery that is.

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