Udupi: Violence During Tipu Jayanti Will Not be Tolerated – Dr G Parameshwar

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Udupi: “Those who violently disrupt Tipu Jayanti will be booked under law,” said Dr G Parameshwar, Home Minister and KPCC President. He was speaking to the media persons during his visit to Congress Bhavan here, on November 8.

“The government has planned to observe Tipu Jayanti for his contribution in the freedom struggle. He has dealt equally with the people of all religions during his rule. Some have opposed the government’s move, which is their right, but violently disrupting Tipu Jayanti by creating communal violence will not be tolerated.”

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“Communal forces have created fear in Udupi and Mangalauru. They will be effectively evicted from the society through the police department. The people of this part will lead a peaceful life after the divisive forces who mislead people are evicted from the society. The officials are instructed to hold stringent measures on the divisive forces.”

CM Siddarmaih has asked for a report from Minister Anjaneya on the alleged bribery case. The minister has said that he will furnish a report in two days. “The CM will initiate action on the basis of the report and the case will be dealt with lawfully,” he added.

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The recruitment process of police constables is on, with 8000 police constables already being recruited. The department needs more constables and recruitment for this will be held soon, he added.

Oscar Fernandes, Rajya Sabha memberl Vinay Kumar Sorake, district minister in-charge; Gopal Poojary, MLA Byndoor; Prathapchandra Shetty MLC; former MP Jayaprakash Hegde; Yuvraj, president of CMC Udupi; Gopal Bhandary, former MLA Karkala; Neevedith Alva, president of CDA; Veronica Cornelio, chairperson KSDL and others were present.

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  1. Why so many guys are standing behind this minister when he is speaking to press? Well, it’s a rhetorical question as we all know the answer. This is the sad state of politics in India. Every guy wants to be seen with ‘minister’ so he can use this photo opportunity to impress others and brag about his political influence and ‘connections’!!!! Well, another sign of third world nation!!

    • Original R.Pai – “Well, another sign of third world nation!!”

      The most pathetic part of it is that they have this “third World Nation Syndrome” all the more pronounced in them when they go abroad to eke out a living there!

      They throng around and hysterically cry “Namo, Namo, Modi, Modi”! I am sure that you too were there in the throng!

  2. Parameshwara and communal Congress has effectively silenced another minority group by siding with supporters of Tipu Sultaan. It is a very clever move by Congress, I must admit. The party leaders like Parameshwara, Siddaraamayya and others clearly know that the opposition to Tipu Sultaan is not just coming from sanaathana dharma followers. But, the party doesn’t even care about the ‘other’ group!! This is why an author on this portal used analogy of ‘biriyaani’ to illustrate his point leading up to 2014 election. I also remember how Praveena Pinto struggled to understand the analogy for months fully justifying why and how communal congress manages to fool one group of people very easily!! LOL

  3. Dear readers,

    BJP dismissed the legendary Mysore ruler, who has inspired generations of patriots, as an anti-national. It’s Mysore legislator, Go Madhusudan, decried the move to set up a university in Tipu’s name and explained the logic behind branding him an anti-national: “Let’s not forget the recorded fact that he invited Afghan king Ahmad Shah Abdali to wage a war against India. This shows he was an anti-national and doesn’t deserve to be venerated.”
    The BJP, in its zeal to paint Tipu in anti-national colours, didn’t realise the fallacy of its claim. The first time Abdali invaded India in 1748, Tipu was not even born. When Abdali defeated the Marathas at Panipat in 1761, Tipu was only a 10-year-old child and a hostage of Khande Rao, the Mysorean general who had hatched a plot with the Wodeyar queen mother to oust Hyder Ali, then the subedar of Dindigul and jagirdar of Bangalore. In fact, it was the Maratha defeat at Panipat that had helped Tipu’s beleaguered father to seize power in 1761.
    Tipu Sultan did, however, seek an international alliance with Abdali’s grandson, Zaman Shah Durrani, Revolutionary France, Iran and the Ottoman Empire to throw out the British. Now, if he could be called anti-national for this, then we have to imagine the British as the rightful rulers of this country.
    In the 18th century, the Marathas were depredators of temples from east to south India, stationing troops in the garbha-griha (sanctum sanctorum) of major temples, melting temple metal for ammunition and so on. This was a period of war and normal rules didn’t apply, and marauders were no respecters of religious differences. Interestingly, the ideal monarch, Asoka, ancient exemplar for modern India, self-confessedly killed hundreds of thousands of Hindus in war before converting to Buddhism. So will the BJP reject Ashoka and Ashoka emblem from the national flag?

    History means knowing context and not subscribing to polarising myths.Instead of making these empty noises, they should be studying the administration and warfare of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.

    Jai Hind

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