Union Minister Gadkari calls on BJP workers to educate people on Emergency

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Union Minister Gadkari calls on BJP workers to educate people on Emergency

Bengaluru: Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari called on BJP workers to educate people on who committed the sin of damaging the Constitution by imposing the Emergency in the country in 1975.

The new generation needs to be told who was the “murderer of the democracy” in the country, he said while addressing the BJP’s executive committee meeting in Bengaluru.

“It was the BJP which strived to protect the Constitution and democracy. Until we are there, we will ensure the protection of the Constitution and democracy with unwavering commitment. This message should reach the people,” he said.

“When the Emergency clamped, democracy was killed, freedom of speech was suspended and the media was controlled. Lakhs of BJP workers were jailed under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA) for two years. Former late PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, veteran leader L.K. Advani, and late leader George Fernandes were imprisoned in Bengaluru jail. BJP workers fought against the imposition of Emergency… Our workers made sacrifices to save democracy,” Union Minister Gadkari said.

“Today, India is seen as the mother of democracy. With a population of 140 crore, we have conviction towards it… The amendments made in the Constitution during the Emergency ended democracy. When the Janata Party came to power at the Centre, all those amendments were struck off,” he added.

The Union Minister slammed the Congress for spreading a “false narrative” that the BJP is seeking more than 400 seats in the Parliament to change the Constitution and end reservation.

“The Supreme Court in Kesavananda Bharati case has clearly stated that the salient features of the Constitution can’t be amended despite a majority. BJP never indulged in damaging and amending the Constitution,” he said.

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