US ‘absolute embodiment’ of arrogance, says Khamenei

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Tehran, July 12 (IANS) Though the crucial negotiations over Tehran’s nuclear programme are in the last lap, a top Iranian leader on Sunday said the US is “absolute embodiment” of arrogance and urged the nation to be prepared for a continuing struggle.

“The campaign against arrogance is one of the principles of the (1979 Islamic) Revolution,” Press TV quoted Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei as saying, adding that the Holy Quran mandates the drive against arrogance.

“We also told the negotiating officials that you are authorised to only negotiate over the nuclear issue and although the American side sometimes raises regional issues such as Syria and Yemen, our officials say we do not negotiate over these issues,” Khamenei stated.

He emphasised that Tehran’s refusal to accept an arrogant system was “the main reason” behind world bullying powers’ hostility towards Iran.

Iran and the five UN Security Council permanent members – the US, Britain, China, Russia, France – plus Germany have been negotiating over the past 18 months to reach a long-term deal over the nuclear issue.

Foreign ministers from the world major countries came back to rejoin the talks in the coming days in the Austrian capital Vienna.

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