Valuables Worth Rs 30 Lakh Stolen from Locked..

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Valuables Worth Rs 30 Lakh Stolen from Locked House in Bhatkal

Bhatkal: Miscreants struck at a house at Jali road around 9:00 pm on Thursday, June 16 and decamped with gold ornaments worth Rs 25 lakh and cash of Rs 5 lakh. It is reported that more than 25 gold coins along with gold jewellery were stolen from a locked cupboard.


The house, which is at a little distance from the rural police station, belonged to NRI Syed Farooque Ambari who had recently returned to Bhatkal from Dubai after his retirement. He resides with his wife and 2 children.

According to sources, all the house members had gone to offer a Ramzan special prayer called Taraweeh at around 9:00 pm. When the family members returned back at 10:00 pm, they found the front door open and its lock thrown aside. Inside, they found a cupboard open and objects scattered all over the room. Surprisingly, only the room which possessed valuables was rummaged.

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Sources also revealed that the lock of the front door was damaged some time ago and hence the family members had borrowed the lock from a neighbour’s house. It is speculated that the neighbours or the people acquainted with them might be involved in the theft and they were waiting for the family members to leave the house.


Bhatkal CPI Prashanth Nayak, PSI Revathi and other police officials visited the spot for investigations. Further probe will be conducted after investigations by fingerprint experts.

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