Vehicles Parked Illegally will be Towed – Sandeep Patil

Vehicles Parked Illegally will be Towed – Sandeep Patil

Mangaluru: “From March 2, those vehicles parked in non-specified areas in the city will be towed. The police commissionerate has called for tenders for four towing vehicles for the East, West, South and North police stations. As of now, we have one towing vehicle which will start operating from March 2”, said Police commissioner Sandeep Patil during the weekly phone-in programme held at his office here on March 1.

Those vehicles parked in “No Parking” areas will be towed to the concerned police stations. The owners/drivers of the vehicles should pay the penalty and get their vehicles released, said the police commissioner.

The penalty is as follows:

Heavy vehicles     – Rs 1600
Medium Vehicles  – Rs 1350
Light vehicles       – Rs 1100
Two-wheeler        – Rs 750

To monitor the activities of “Sagar” police vehicles in the police commissionerate, GPS will be installed. There are 25 Sagar police Vehicles in the commissionerate which will be tracked using GPS. During emergencies, information will be relayed to the drivers of Sagar Vehicles.

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  1. Thank You Sir, finally some action is taken instead of Rs.100 fine. I was very saddened to see Vehicles parked under the “No Parking” Boards which are installed by Me at My cost for the kind request of Traffic Police. I am kindly requesting the new Commissioner of Police Mr. Sanjive Patil and DCP Mr. Manjunath and DCP Mrs.Uma to get tough with Multiple Stories Building owners to clear their Vehicle storage areas which are used for commercial purposes. Just look at near Sony Building near Tandoor Bar on Jail Road. Building Parking is rented for commercial purpose and vehicles along with Bar customers block the road after 7 pm. Plus large Luxury Bus belongs to SRS Travels Parks blocking road. Under Law no Bus are allowed on this road and this bus is there everyday without fear even after Traffic Police Warning. Take a look at City Hospital area and take strict action. At the request of Kadri Traffic Inspector Mr.Suresh, I have Installed 4 (four) ‘No Parking’ Boards. Today there is only one board left standing and 3 are missing. MCC Contractor hands are in this operation along with Politician. I request all non vehicle People who walk on road to call Commissioner of Police on Call in day and request the need. Traffic Police do their best if Public Supports them like I do. They have only 2 Eyes-2 Hands-2 Legs like Public and they need Help of extra Eyes,Hands and Legs. So Please Help.

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