Vergara’s wedding will be ‘tasteful’, says co-star

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Los Angeles, May 21 (IANS) Actress Julie Bowen believes her “Modern Family” co-star Sofia Vergara’s wedding will be “tasteful”.

Bowen says her co-star, who is preparing to marry fiancé Joe Manganiello later this year, is nothing like her garish character Gloria Pritchett in real life.

“We all kind of get that… she’s not Gloria. She doesn’t actually wear floral prints on floral prints all the time. She’s incredibly tasteful. Her (fiancé) is as tasteful as tasteful can be. I’m sure her wedding will be extraordinary,” Bowen told

Bowen, however, still doesn’t know whether she will be invited to the couple’s special day.

“My only question is, is it going to be four people or 500,” she said.

Vergara, 42, previously revealed her upcoming wedding would be large.

She said at the time: “(The wedding is) large because I… had to invite like all my family and Joe has a lot of friends so it became bigger and bigger and bigger.”

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