VHP and BD hold ‘Hindu Jaya Ghosh, Hindu Palayan nahi Ab Parakram’

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VHP and BD hold ‘Hindu Jaya Ghosh, Hindu Palayan nahi Ab Parakram’

Mangaluru: The Vishwa Hindu Paris hath and Bajrang Dal jointly organized “Hindu Jaya Ghosh at the Kadri Grounds here on October 23. Prior to the programme a procession was held from Ambedkar Circle Jyothi which culminated at the Kadri Grounds. The programme began with an Hanuman Chalis.




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District convener of Bajrang Dal Sharan Pumpwell welcomed the gathering.

Suryanarayan read out the resolutions of the three-day convention to the gathering and said that the cow should be considered as a National animal. Illegal cow slaughter should be banned. In this country we respect women as Goddesses but the Muslim youth in the name of Love jihad marry hindu girls and later sell those girls in other countries.

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Satyanarayan further  said that cow slaughter should be completely banned in India. If anyone slaughters the cow they should be imprisoned for 7 years with a penalty of Rs 1 Lakh. Selling beef should be banned and those involved in cow trafficking should be severely punished. India should be declared as a meat-free country. All the cows will be protected and taken care of in the Goshalas. The state and central government should give priority for breeding cows. Awareness programmes for the Hindu society should be held to protect cows.


Suryanarayan also said, “The state government is adamant in celebrating the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan. The persecution of Hindus was carried out through forceful conversions, massacres, demolitions and desecration of temples, destruction of universities and schools, and targeting monks and Brahmins. The celebration of Tipu Jayanti is an insult to the Hindu Society. We will not allow the state government to celebrate Tipu Jayanti in Karnataka”.

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Speaking on the occasion Prof M B Puranik said, “Our Bajrang Dal workers are well disciplined. Sometimes they make mistakes but it is the duty of the elders to correct them. I am in Mangaluru from the past 45 years. I have seen communal fights happening in Dakshina Kannada for three reasons. They are for the protection of cows, conversion, and love jihad. We have a very good police force in Mangaluru but cow traffickers barge into the huts of poor people wielding swords and machetes, threaten them and take away the cows for slaughtering. There are conversions of Hindus giving false hopes. If anyone is willing to convert on his own will, we will not stop them but we will not tolerate forceful conversions. In the name of Love jihad, Hindu girls have been kidnapped and sold to people of other countries”. Puranik stressed that the Bajrang Dal workers are ready to end the communal fights in the name of cow, conversion and love jihad.

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Speaking on the occasion the organizing secretary of VHP Gopal said, “In Mangaluru this is the first time we are holding this convention. We need to spread the light of saffron to brighten Karnataka. Why is the convention held in Mangaluru and why on this ground? It is because someone said Mangaluru is hell and Pakistan is heaven, but in my opinion, Mangaluru is not hell, it is heaven. If there is any hell in this world, then it is only in Pakistan. Whoever said Mangaluru is hell, we need to make them understand that Mangaluru is heaven. In Mangaluru, cow trafficking is rampant since many years. Those cow traffickers are afraid only of Bajrang Dal, some say that there are fake Gau Rakshaks but Bajrangis are real Gau Rakshaks. When the government failed to provide protection, Bajrang Dal came forward to protect cows. Udupi is holy and some intellectuals talk about Pankti Bheda. Whoever talks about the Pejawar Swamiji, is brainless. First of all CM Siddaramaiah is an atheist and now his media advisor is giving bad advice to the CM to spoil his reputation. The state government is preparing to celebrate Tipu Jayanti. Last year the state government had celebrated Tipu Jayanti for vote bank. Tipu had converted 50,000 Hindus in a day and he converted 40,000 Christians from Mangaluru. Tippu Sultan was a tyrant and the state government is celebrating Tipu Jayanti.

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He further said, “The people of Karnataka are against the Tipu Jayanti. The CM should not repeat the same mistake again. I like to ask, is the CM supporting Hindus or Jihadis? Or is he protecting Karnataka? Does the CM want to create violence or peace? People want peace in Karnataka. Now the Hindus have woken up, If the law and order situation will not be brought under control, we will not sit quietly. Do not try the patience of Hindus. We need to take the pledge of bringing peace in the state. Hereafter Hindus will not migrate but fight back”, he warned.

The International Joint Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Dr Surendra Jain in his keynote address said, “I have paid tribute to the great souls, who have sacrificed their lives fighting against the Jihadis. All over the state, there are a number of people who have sacrificed their lives fighting against terrorism. Bajrang Dal is paying tribute to those souls, not in silence, but with a warning, if they don’t listen, BD will act. We do not need to give more tribute to our youth. We do not want to increase the number. But I want to tell the Jihadis from Karnataka and Kerala, wherever they are the government should stop them and punish them. Sometimes Jihadis from Kerala come to Karnataka and attack the people and go back. If the government will not punish the Jihadis, remember the Bajrangis, they are experts in surgical strikes”.

He further said, “Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj succeeded through surgical strikes. We need to put an end to the assault on the Hindu youth. Yesterday (Oct 22) another Hindu youth was killed. Hereafter on the soil of Karnataka, no blood of the Hindus will be shed, the Gau Rakshaks blood will not be shed. Bajrang Dal knows to fight back. Our prime minister held a surgical strike and the entire world appreciated it. Love Jihad is not only limited to Karnataka and Kerala or India but is spread around the world. In the name of Love jihad, our girls have been kidnapped and sold to others. Do you want to finish the Hindus? Will you be able to finish the Hindus? he questioned and said, Many have attempted to finish Hindus but we have fought back and defeated them”.

He further stressed, “Muslims are insulting the Hindu Gods-Goddesses but we are not. All over the world, Muslims are fighting with each other. Muslims in India are not legal Muslims and most of them were converted. I have a special concern that our DNA is the same. Your four fathers were not Mohammed Paingamber but Sri Ram. Just call the Cow as your Gau Matha, once you be the devotee of Lord Ram and come back through Ghar Wapsi, be the sons of Shanker”, he said.

He further alleged, “Siddaramaiah is there to protect the Muslims. The CM is doing illegal work, there is a ban on cow slaughter but he is allowing the slaughter of cows. We will not tolerate if any of our Bajrang Dal workers will be included in the Goonda list”.

Our government is celebrating Tipu Jayanti after knowing that he is a traitor. Siddaramaiah is making a mistake by celebrating the Tipu Jayanti, we need to celebrate his death anniversary. We need to garland the portrait of Tipu Sultan with sandals and spit on his face, but Siddaramaiah wants to make Tipu as the role model for Muslims. For the sake of vote bank, Siddaramaiah is pleasing the Muslims. Do you want to make Karnataka a second Kashmir? Please do not incite the people of Karnataka. We will not allow the celebration of Tipu Jayanti”.

Dr Sridhar Shetty from A B Shetty Dental College delivered the presidential address.

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  1. This is the direct result of minority-worshiping and hindu-bashing in the name of ‘secular’ politics by pseudo intellectual-stenographer mafia. It makes me cringe to see these events as I am opposed to domination of any religion in our social life. But, I am also aware of the reality and how systematically the true secular values were compromised by our political class and media. Sad situation.

  2. The story is the same as before. The communal forces instigate riots by unleashing provocative speeches and hate campaigns in the name of planned or accidental murders or attacks. Consequently, thousands flee their homes leaving all their belongings. The criminals annex those houses and properties. There arises a grievous situation where those flee their homes cannot come back and lead a normal life as before. The government and police are nonchalant and are not ready to take stringent actions to curtail the provocations and arrest the rioters. A probe is declared when there is a voice of protest against the whole happening and customary rehabilitation schemes are announced. That is what happened in Gujarat in 2002 and repeated in Muzaffarnagar in 2014. If Modi was twice elected as chief minister of Gujarat following the communal polarisation, Muzaffarnagar riot has played a large role in reaping huge victory in Uttar Pradesh for BJP in the 16th Lok Sabha election. Forsaking their leader Ajit Singh, the Jat population was marching into Amit Shah’s fold.

    The recent victory of BJP candidate in the recent by-elections held in the Loksabha constituency which includes Muzaffarnagar, was also a result of the riots. Now, focus has turned to legislative assembly election of 2017. Samajwadi party-led government lacks the firmness and capability to curtail the propaganda of the BJP. If votes of the disparate minorities are split, that is enough for the saffron party to ensure their victory.

    Nothing but a show strength in an grand preparation for 2018 Karnataka assembly polls using Bajrang dal sister organisation of RSS political wing BJP.The soul purpose of the march is to vitigate peaceful environment of coastal Karnataka in order divide people in communal lines.

    The latest reports from Karnataka reveal that the Sangh Parivar is all set to make political gains in the 2018 Assembly polls in the state by fomenting more trouble.There are similar experiment prior to Gujarat assembly elections ultimately BJP consolidating majority voters by divisive politics.

    Victory march from VHP and BD meaningful if casteism completely uprooted,there is no poverty, all sex have same respect and value.

    Lastly,For Home minister,District administration and law enforcement officers.Under which law of Indian constitution lethal weapon is permissible which even retd. Indian armed forces,ex service people are not allowed? Is those weapons on public display is register under ‘arms act’ is legal or illegal? Why there are no cases if it unregistered and illegal?

    Finally,For the Hindu upliftment why VHP and BD need weapons? Why not ‘Rozi,roti or makan’?

    Jai Hind

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