Video of Shiroor Swamiji’s allegations against Asta Math’s Swamijis goes Viral

Video of Shiroor Swamiji’s allegations against Asta Math’s Swamijis goes Viral

Udupi: In a sudden development, a video of Sri Laxmivara Theertha Swamiji of Shiroor Math telecasted in a satellite news channel in Karnataka has shaken the world famous Sri Krishna Temple in Udupi.

In the video which was recorded with a hidden camera, Sri Laxmivara Theertha Swamiji of Shiroor Math claimed that he including all the Swamijis of the 8 maths have children. At the age of 8 we receive Sanyasa Deeksha but as we grow up we are unable to control our feelings. We too have feelings, other Swamijis also have illicit relationship with women.

In the Video, Shiroor Swamiji alleged that there is a high-level of corruption and the Paryaya system is a big way to make money for every Swamiji. The assistant of Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji of Pejawar math has misused the Temple money in crores for his personal benefit.

After the telecast of the video, the devotees of Sri Krishna Math were shocked and were trying continuously to contact the Shiroor Swamiji. Soon after the news went viral in the social media, Shiroor Swamiji rushed to Udupi and spoke to the media persons. The Swamiji denied the allegations made in the video and said, “The video aired on the news channel is totally fake, he said. “I have recently announced my interest in politics, those who cannot digest my decision are trying to damage my reputation in Udupi. This Video was out 9 months back and six months back I had gone to the court against the video. I don’t know how the news channel got the video. These kind of allegations are common in the public life and I am not bothered about it. The Krishna Mukya Prana is always with me and I will surely contest the coming assembly elections. I will also answer to all the allegations through the court of law”.

Shiroor Math Sri Lakshmivara Theertha Swamiji, on Saturday, announced his decision to contest the elections either as an independent candidate or as a BJP nominee. The Swamiji decided to contest the elections since the politicians had failed to respond to the grievances of the people, the local leaders of the BJP in Udupi have also failed to reach out to the people. He said he will contest as an independent but would contest as a BJP candidate if the party offer him a ticket. The Swamiji also said that the district in-charge Minister Pramod Madhwaraj, had introduced several pro-people programmes, the Swamiji said.