Video of ZP president Meenakshi Abusing Doctor goes Viral, Case Filed

Video of ZP president Meenakshi Abusing Doctor goes Viral, Case Filed

Mangaluru: A case has been filed against the ZP president Meenakshi Shanthigodu for abusing a young pediatrician at the government hospital in Puttur on July 1.

On June 29, the DK ZP President Meenakshi Shanthigodu was seen Abusing a young Doctor in a video which has gone viral and alleging her to be responsible for not checking an injured child. The ZP President also questioned the doctor as to where her salary comes from.

In the video, Meenakshi also alleged that she was waiting for the doctor for long and had observed that the doctor did not attend the child since the child belonged to a backward community. Meenakshi wanted to know about the injuries. She also threatened the doctor of filing a complaint against her and said that she knew how to deal with such people. Meenakshi also circulated the video on social media and demoralized the young doctor.

On June 29, Dr Acharna who was on duty was attending patients at the Government Hospital. At 5.30 pm, Meenakshi along with some others came to the hospital to inquire about the girl who was admitted to the hospital after being assaulted by the police. Dr Archana apologized to Meenakshi Shanthigodu answering all her questions and moved on to see other patients. But Meenakshi being upset, followed her and had the video of her Abusing the doctor recorded while she later posted on the social media.

Abusing doctors is a cognizable offense as per the Karnataka prevention of violence in Hospital Act 2009. Dr Archana filed a case against Meenakshi Shanthigodu for sharing the defamatory video on social media and damaging her reputation.

A case has been registered in the Puttur Police station against Meenakshi under section 353 IPC ( The Karnataka Prohibition of Violence against Medicare service personnel and Damage to Property in Medicare Service Institutions Act 2009).