Vidya Balan gets song ‘Shaam Dhale…’ added to her Marathi debut ‘Ekk Albela’

Mumbai, May 28 (IANS) Actress Vidya Balan, who makes her Marathi film debut with “Ekk Albela”, insisted its makers include Lata Mangeshkar’s famous song “Shaam Dhale Khidki Tale” from “Albela” in it.

“I like all songs of ‘Albela’, but ‘Shaam Dhale Khidki Tale’ has always been my favourite song. When Shekharji (Sartandel) and Munishji (Babre) had come home, I asked them, ‘aren’t we shooting this song?’. They actually weren’t planning on it, but very sweetly in a montage they added it. So thank you very much for that,” Vidya said, at the launch of the song “Shola Jo Bhadke” from the film.

“Ekk Albela” is a biopic on the life of Bhagwan Dada, who, the trailer names as India’s first dancing and action hero. The film sees the recreation of the popular film “Albela”, which starred Bhagwan Dada and Geeta Bali, and which was popular for songs such as ‘Shaam Dhale Khidki Tale”, “Shola Jo Bhadke” and more.

Vidya plays Geeta Bali in the film, in a guest appearance.

About her preparation for the role, she said: “I just saw the songs as I have been a fan of Geetaji and of this film. I saw the film again.. I have tried to adapt her nuances. I know that I don’t look at all like Geetaji. I have attempted to look like her, to act like her, her expressions, how she would move her hands.

“She played with her face, with her eyes, with her hands, her fingers spoke so much, she used her wrists beautifully and most of the shots are close-up. What I realized is that there is not so much of body, but the eyes, the smile, all of that was what really was her charm. I hope I have done it decently. You don’t see all shades of her. You see Geeta Bali, the star, you see me recreating the songs. I don’t think it’s a biopic.”

Is Vidya open to do a full-fledged biopic on Geeta Bali? “Of course, I’d love it. But I’ll have to put in a lot more work to look like her,” she said.

“Ekk Albela” directed by Shekhar Sartandel, sees Mangesh Desai playing Bhagwan Dada.