Village of my Imagination

""Name: Paloma Rodrigues 
Name of Parents: Mrs. & Mr.  Juliet & Clement Rodrigues
School: Leens School & Kindergarten  Abu Dhabi
Current Place of Residence: Abu Dhabi

Paloma’s father is from Nirkan Close to Madyanthaar and mother is from Kelarai, Neermarga and they live at Kadri Mangalore. She is the Second child to her parents. Elder sister?s name is Caroline, who is studying in 5th   Standard at St. Josephs School Abu Dhabi.  She has a younger sister Blanche and a brother Spencer who is the youngest in the family. 

Paloma  has finished her Kindergarten II and she will be going to First Standard very soon. She is extremely good in her academic and extra curricular activities.  She loves to dance, sing and play a lot during her free time.  She draws a lot of inspiration from her mother who is a teacher by profession and her dad who was also interested and active in dramatics and public speaking during his youth days.


At the age of six she has bagged many prizes in her school by participating in various school activities.   This academic year 2006-07 she won the "Best Outstanding Student Award" for her overall performance at Leens School.   Teachers are the best guide and role model says Paloma with a smile on her face.   She gives full credit to her School and her teachers for their encouragement and support, Ms. Shabnam, Peolita, and Ameeta Lobo.  Her ambition in life is to be a vet.

I like to watch the sunrise every morning. I have drawn the sunrise of my imagination, as seen in the middle of the mountains, in a small village. There are many small houses in this village and Small River which flows in this village. I hope you all will like this tiny village of my imagination.


~ Paloma