Vinayak Baliga Murder Case, investigation at Standstill

Vinayak Baliga Murder Case, investigation at Standstill

Mangaluru: “Nearly 8 months have elapsed since the brutal murder of the RTI activist Vinayak Baliga and the arrest of some of the accused. However, the investigations seem to have come to a standstill. The total conspiracy behind the murder is yet to be unravelled and the accused, Naresh Shenoy, has managed to come out on bail with his powerful political connections. Both the ruling party and the opposition in Karnataka seem to be in his support.” , said President of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, Prof Narendra Nayak, in a press meet, held at Vinayak Baliga’s residence, Kodialguthu  here, on November 26.

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Addressing the media persons, he said, “In the face of such an effort, the Baliga family and the organisations, as well as individuals supporting them, are facing an uphill task to get justice for the late activist. Prima facie it appears that the activities of Baliga in exposing the irregularities in the finances of the Sri Venkataramana Temple at Car street and the Kashi Math have resulted in a conspiracy to eliminate him. One of the crucial pieces of evidence is the letter he had sent to the present head of the Kashi Math seems to be missing. According to his friends he had sent this letter in the first week of March to the Delhi camp of the present head of the Math, Which had angered him and it is alleged that this was the last straw which resulted In his elimination.”

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He further mentioned that “A few days before that he had also made a speech to the followers of the deposed head Raghavendra Teertha in which he had said that Raghavendra Teertha was the real head of the Kashi Math as by tradition the eldest of the disciples succeeds the deceased head. In this case, the previous head Sudhindra Teertha had passed away after a prolonged illness on January 17, 2016, and according to Baliga, the rightful successor should have been Raghavendra Teertha. This had also led to desperate attempts by his supporters to try and legitimise his ascension to the post. Some have also posted some misleading information on the websites about some orders of Kerala High court as if they have been recently passed by just mentioning the days and the month without the year. These actually pertain to some orders passed more than a year back. Even there the plaintiff was Sudhindra Theertha represented by his GPA holder one Gurpur Ganapathi Prabhu and any person with common sense can understand that the GPA executed by an individual extinguishes on his demise.”

He also said, “The Mangalore police have acted most unusually in this case. The present head Samyamindra Téertha was issued summons to produce the letter written by Baliga to him. But, instead of appearing in person he had sent a chartered accountant and two lawyers to represent him. This unusual procedure has raised many an eyebrow as in criminal cases one cannot be represented by a counsel and even questioning is done to the person in the police station unless the accused is a minor child or a woman. Here we wonder as to how an able bodied young man was not asked to be present at the premises for questioning”.

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He further said, “Whén all this is happening the family of Vinayak Baliga having lost their sole breadwinner is struggling for a living as well as trying to get justice for the departed. They have still not lost hope and are running pillar to post to continue to fight for the causes he held dear. His sister Harsha has impleaded herself into some of the cases he had filed particularly the one against the management of the Sharada Vidyalaya. His sisters also plan to implead themselves into the cases he has filed against the irregularities at the Venkatramana temple at Car street”.

The battle for justice for Baliga has now reached the courts. The accused Naresh Shenoy though has been claiming innocence all the time has been steadfast’ In his refusal to be subjected to narco-analysis and brain mapping examination which clearly shows a desire to hide many things. The Baliga family has gone on appeal against the judgment of the Mangalore sessions court upholding his contention not to be subject to such an investigation. It has been also planned to approach the Supreme court to get the ball of the accused Naresh Shenoy cancelled as his very presence outside is a threat to the family and witnesses in the Baliga murder case.”

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Advocate Ravindra Kamath, Advocate Aasha Nayak, Advocate Leena from Delhi, were also present.

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