Vinod Kapri’s documentary chosen for Indian Film Festival Stuttgart

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Mumbai, June 9 (IANS) “Can’t Take This Shit Any More”, a documentary by Vinod Kapri, will be screened at the 12th Indian Film Festival Stuttgart.

The film gala, where the documentary will be aiming to win awards in two important categories — Best Documentary Film and Audience Award — will be held between July 15-19 in Stuttgart, Germany.

“Can’t Take This Shit Anymore” deals with the serious issue of deprived women in society, who have to defecate openly in the fields due to lack of toilets at home. The plot of the film revolves around six women in Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh who left their husbands’ homes due to lack of toilets.

Kapri said: “It is something not very unusual and uncommon in India so it might not sound very tragic to many. But on seeing the documentary, every person watching it got upset and shocked since one could never imagine what women actually go through because of this.”

Talking about getting the opportunity to showcase his documentary on an international platform, the journalist-turned-director said: “Travelling to international film festivals make us read a variety of reactions of people from different cultures and language background. It helps us to understand the kind of flavour, colour, acting, characters that they like the most.”

Meanwhile, Kapri is awaiting the release of his feature film “Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho”, the trailer of which has earned praise from industry members like Amitabh Bachchan and Rajkumar Hirani, as well as viewers.

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