Volleyball Tournament ‘Mayor Cup -2016-17’ Inaugurated

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Volleyball Tournament ‘Mayor Cup -2016-17’ Inaugurated

Mangaluru: The DK Volleyball association and Mangaluru City Corporation jointly organized “Mayor Cup – 2016”, at the Volleyball Court, Mangala Stadium here on October 16.

The programme began with an invocation. Secretary of the Volleyball association Jayaprakash welcomed the gathering.

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The programme as inaugurated by Harinath, the Mayor of Mangaluru by lighting the traditional lamp along with other dignitaries on the dais.

Addressing the gathering Mayor Harinath said, “I am very happy to inaugurate the Volleyball tournament. The president of the DK Volleyball association Suresh was organizing flood-lit Volleyball tournaments in Mangaluru inviting National and international level volleyball players. Even now Suresh Babu has continued to promote Volleyball. He has been encouraging budding volleyball players by organizing the Volleyball tournament annually”.

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Mayor Harinath further said, “Suresh Babu has spent a lot of money without a second thought to retain Volleyball in Mangaluru. Suresh Babu along with Benjamin D’Souza have worked hard for the popularity of Volleyball. Let us all join hands and support Suresh Babu in promoting Volleyball in Mangaluru. Let more and more players join the association and bring name and fame to the district.”  Mayor Harinath wished all the players success during the tournament.

National-level volleyball player and Deputy Director, Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports Pradeep D’Souza was felicitated on the occasion.

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In his felicitation speech, Pradeep said that the Volleyball association should organize tournaments continuously so that players should get encouraged in maintaining their consistency in the game.

He further said, “Because of commercialization we see very few grounds for players to practice the game. When the players do not get proper practice, they will not be able to perform well in any competitions. So the Mangaluru city corporation should not let the Volleyball ground to be used for any other purpose. The ground should exclusively be reserved for Volleyball only.”

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In his presidential address MLA J R Lobo said that from past three years the Mangaluru city corporation is organizing the Volleyball tournament annually. It is a good sign to promote Volleyball players.

Lobo further said, “Yes, Pradeep D’Souza rightly said that the ground should not be utilized for other purposes. But at the same time after the apartments system has come to Mangaluru most of the students are physically not active, they sit in front of the TV or computer all the time without coming out of their homes. Students should come out from their flats and take part in sports which will help them to remain healthy and active”.

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Lobo further stressed, “At present, those participating in the national and international-level sports are recognized and such students are recognized for their achievements. Students from the primary, high school and college-level who take part in sports should be given grace marks so that when they complete their education, it will help them get jobs in government or banking sectors”.

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While concluding Lobo said, “Winning and losing is part of the game, but participation really matters. Players should be always ready to accept challenges which will help reach their goals and success. I wish all the players success and thank the organizers for retaining the sportsmen spirit in the students by organizing the Volleyball tournament.

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Treasurer of the Association Mohammed Mustafa delivered the vote of thanks and compered the programme. President of the DK Volleyball association Suresh Babu, Chandrashekar, Shivaram, Bhaskar Shetty, corporator Jayanti Achar and others were also present.

A number of 28 teams participated in the Mayor cup – 2016 -17.

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