Walk With Mother

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When we reflect on the life of Mother Theresa, one must confess she is worth all honor and praise. After her death what still lingers is her name, the deeds that she did, when she was alive.  Mother Theresa even when she was alive, she was called a Living Saint. In recent times, she was beatified. She enlightened the lives of so many with her good deeds.  It would be in vain only to venerate her and forget her. Instead, to be like her, she had lived her life with the unwanted and disliked by all. She was called Saint of the Gutters.  It was her dedication and strong will that make her a living saint. By being a simple human like us, she turned into a saint.  Her simplicity attracted the whole of humankind; she started serving the needy at a very young age and continued until she breathed her last. Her life was completely dedicated to the needy, nothing could hold her back, religion, race, creed, age nothing absolutely nothing. Her selfless service calls each one of us to join hands with her. So many charity organizations have emerged keeping her as an exemplar, attracting many to join hand with her. When she was on the earth she had done beyond any one can do. She is no more with us as physically but is present morally in all human hearts.

If we reflect on our lives, the futile moments and useless waste of time and our talents can we not think the other way. A small contribution to the service of our neighbor whatever way, time, money, good words, helps of any sort, support. Think there are hundreds of ways we can be worth living.  A little thoughtfulness, can transform our course of life to be worth living. We may be involved 24 hours with our own self, can we not spare a few moments of our life to think the best thing that we can do.  May be stand up for justice, condemn the evil habits and help overcome rather than criticizing, to educate the unfortunate, share your knowledge, guide some one with the right path. Do not wait to make some good try to do it often. 

Very often, we do not realize what help we can be for others. We can do much more things than we think, a kind word may make a big difference a positive image will earn more worth thus we do not know what ourselves we are often we come better known through others. If we take a slight twist from the routine life, our life may twirl things to our satisfaction. What does one achieve with his wealth and reputation and all the worldly pleasures & fail to attain real happiness and peace.

I urge all who go through this article, if they can change a little in their lives. If they can lead a life for some useful cause and thus attain the satisfaction and joy, which they could never, achieve otherwise. Is not this a wonderful way of remembering Mother Theresa by doing some acts of goodness, simply by becoming messengers of love and true friends of Mother Teresa.  If nothing can, we not spare a few minutes in prayers to the intentions of the needy. Prayer work wonders, beyond ones expectations. I am not writing it only to write but I am convinced of it. As, (SVP) St. Vincent de Paul society helps the poor and Mother Theresa with her service to all, we as human beings if we have hearts then we are sure to follow Mother and do as best we can. 

For instance, we may have things that are no use for us and simply dumped in a corner may be clothes or other useful goods that can be of some worth for others.  We may have more than one flat to stay, let us think of some one who has no bed sheet to cover himself. It is time for us to join hands with Mother with our small acts of service and walk with her.

Author: Henry Lewis- Kuwait

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