Water Shortage – Hostelites from KMC and Fr Muller’s sent Home

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Mangaluru: Water scarcity has not only affected the residents, industries in and around Mangaluru, but it has also forced the management of two medical colleges in the City to partially shut their hostels, and send home bunch of the hostelites, until the situation is under control.

Sources reveal that Kasturba Medical College (KMC) has asked nearly 400 MBBS students from the second and third year batches staying in their hostels to return to their respective homes till May 15, while the management of Father Muller Medical College has already sent back about 75 per cent of their hostelites, but NRI students who have been staying in the hostels have been allowed to stay back.


Since both these colleges mainly depend on the Netravathi waters supplied to the city from the Thumbe vented dam through MCC, and now that the supply has been restricted once in three days, it has been hard to provide water to all the boarders, so the decision was taken to send most of these boarders home. Even though both these colleges have bore-wells and open wells, the water level has gone low, and the management didn’t wanted to take chances to run these wells dry.


It is learnt that there are about 2,000 students, including some day scholars, in eight hostels. Of them, about 400 MBBS students from two hostels have been sent back till May 15, while at Father Muller Medical College, eight hostels have about 2,500 students from medical, para medical and nursing streams, of which 75% boarders have been sent home, except NRI students.

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  1. Mangalur used to have excess water supply always. Why this misery now. It was thought that Mangalur will always be safe from any kind of drought( Parashurama srushti). Now whom to blame for this enormous shortage of water? It make me very sad to think that we are no where above the other parts of Karnataka where there are frequent droughts.
    If we retrospect about our deeds for the last 10-12 years we have the answer!!
    We have systematically destroyed our own Mangalur because of our greed. We have planted abundant concrete jungles( instead of trees). When the atmosphere became hot we started to use air conditioners
    (they cooled the inside of our house but heated the atmosphere outside). Our paddy fields which were retaining water for at least six months from the rainy season till the onset of summer . They were converted in to house sites . We demolished the hills surrounding Manglur and – flattened them and destroyed their water retaining capacity. We filled the paddy fields with the mud and rock blundered from these hills. We have looted the sand from the rivers and spoiled their natural water seepage capacity. If we list out we can get hundreds of reasons for the man made destruction of our own beloved Mangaluru… BUT NATURE WILL TAKE REVENGE FOR MAN’S ATROCITIES IN ITS OWN WAY. You will reap what you have sown.!!
    Unless we realize our greed oriented blunder of looting of our own habitat we cannot survive further. Have we ever thought – what kind of environment we are leaving to our own future generation ? Money cannot buy nature! We will have to nurture the nature – then only we can survive and our future generation can survive.
    Even Middle Eastern countries – where the nature is very harsh have realized that unless they give importance to planting trees they cannot survive for long. They have strict laws to preserve nature – in almost all countries including Middle East . Recycled waste water is being used to water trees and plants. Unless the government wakes up from its slumber and unless politicians and the citizens strictly follow the rules to preserve nature.,- better be prepared for this kind of frequent drought cycle.
    For the time being we do not have any other option but to repent and pray for the rains to arrive as early as possible. Without any compulsion we can start with the humble beginning of rain water harvesting and planting and nurturing at least two saplings per head immediately once the rainy season starts!!

  2. If you plant saplings and use MCC WATER,YOU WILL END UP WITH WATER DISCONNECTION.All the political parties/ Govt’s that ruled from Independence have to be accounted for the shortfall of this natural resource. Heard today that Water tankers are made to draw water from the well and borewell of any household which report water in it. Water tankers are making heavy profits from the created disaster. Water is given for construction even after october which directly pressures the household needs today. Is this the time to wake up or to get braced soon after rainy season is over? We are ruled by senseless politicians and bureaucrats who creates these types of problems.A day is not far when we may end up with no water after rains.

  3. mangaluru folks can blame themselves for this situation. As soon as we get monsoon rains, we totally forget our water problems and get back to the same old Bollywood, cricket, congress-worshiping and hindu-bashing!! We never learn lessons let alone taking any action to address the problem. Imagine this – We have elected leaders who have happily agreed to divert river nethravati instead of addressing mangaluru water crisis. This is the sad state of ‘smart city’ that has been hijacked by illiterates in ‘Beef Club’. The elected leaders don’t even show up for ‘swachcha mangaluru’ event. Why would they worry about water crisis? You get what you deserve.

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