Water Shortage Not a Big Issue, Enough Water in Thumbay Dam – Ex-MLA J R Lobo

Water Shortage Not a Big Issue, Enough Water in Thumbay Dam – Ex-MLA J R Lobo

Mangaluru: “When I was an MLA, we had increased the capacity of Thumbay Dam from 4 meters to 7 meters. This time, we made it possible to fill the dam up to 6 meters. When the water level increases from 4 meters to 6 meters, the water-spread area is doubled. Since 2005, through a scheme, we have brought an extra 18 MGD to the Mangaluru region. Earlier, we used to fill the Thumbe dam only upto five meters and we were still able to supply water to the region every day till May 10th. This time we have filled the dam by an extra meter. The issue of water shortage in Mangaluru does not involve the water source. We have to correct the water distribution system” said Former Congress MLA J R Lobo in a press meet held at the DCC Office, Mallikatta here, on April 22.

Addressing the mediapersons J R Lobo said, “We must never stop the water pumps completely. That will create a vacuum in the water pipelines and it will result in airlocks. Instead of this, we should carry out continuous pumping of water by keeping either one or both water pumps continuously active. This way, there is no opportunity for a vacuum to be created in the pipelines. If we don’t completely fill the tanks located in elevated areas, some people will not get any water at all. If we fill the tanks completely, the water will flow to homes located in elevated areas as well as homes located in low-lying areas.”

Lobo further said, “As of today, the water level in the Thumbay Dam stands at 5.21 meters. It is wrong to only depend on the Thumbay Dam for water. There should be a clear mapping of all the borewells in the region. We must also clean and utilize open wells. This would reduce our dependence on the Thumbay dam. Earlier, the entire city used to solely depend on water from borewells and open wells. The water coming from Thumbay Dam is also pilfered by the neighboring villages. We can’t blame them, but the volume of water must be controlled and regulated for everybody. Lastly, citizen participation is very important during times of water crisis. People should not waste water and they should cooperate with us.”

Lobo also said, “I read in the newspapers that the local BJP MLAs are blaming the city’s Mayor and the MCC. I want to tell MLA Vedvyas Kamath that he has been an MLA for over a year and it is his responsibility to figure out a way to bring water to his constituency. He has to take action and visit the places that are facing water shortages. This is his duty; it is not right to simply blame the MCC.”

Mangaluru City Mayor Bhaskar K, Ex-City Mayor Mahabala Marla, and other MCC Corporators were also present.