We lack realism while drafting a script: ‘Delhi 47 km’ director

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We lack realism while drafting a script: ‘Delhi 47 km’ director

Mumbai, June 7 (IANS) Filmmaker Shadab Khan is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming film “Delhi 47 km and says that Indian filmmakers lack in realism while drafting a film script.

He was interacting with the media to promote his film on Wednesday where he said that he is a huge follower of international cinema and therefore, he likes to keep his films as real as possible.

“Whenever you watch world cinema, there is reliability factor attached to it and it has universal appeal. When you see Indian films, you get another kind of feeling. I think we (filmmaker) lack in realism while drafting a script in India. It works for Indian audience but I feel it’s a duty of filmmaker to educate the audience,” said Khan.

Khan, who has earlier directed the sequel of hit film “B.A.Pass”, “B.A.Pass 2”, feels that Indian filmmakers should also keep the international market in mind.

“Today, an Iranian film does its business in almost 150 countries so, I feel we have to make films which will do well in India but it should also open up international market. To achieve that, we should tone down every aspect of filmmaking which is instrumental to make a film and there has to be some logic in script plus, settings have to be realistic,” said Khan.

Talking about the storyline and concept of ‘Delhi 47 km”, he said there is sarcasm in the film.

“Delhi being the capital of our country, 47 kilometres away from Delhi there is a small town where there is exploitation of women and children and the film is about the plight of a small town which is so near to the capital of our country,” he said.

The film is a story of a bunch of losers who are driven to helplessness due to the various flaws of the system present in the Indian society.

The film features Rajneesh Dubey, Dolly Tomar and Mustakeem Khan in the lead roles.

“Delhi 47 km” is produced by Jigar Rawal, Sachin Saxena, Rajneesh Dubey and Shadab Khan. It is presented by CineCloud Films and Asma Ali Shaikh and will hit cinemas on July 6.

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