Website Impact! Congress Buntings Spoiling City Beauty Removed?

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Website Impact! Congress Buntings Spoiling City Beauty Removed?

Mangaluru: That’s what you call the power of website/media! Less than 24 hours of the news published on website with the caption, “Congress Party Buntings spoiling the Beauty of Kudla”, on 23 November- good news is that the message had reached the officials at MCC through WhatsApp, email and other source of communications that late last night and starting this morning the MCC had deputed their laborers to dismantle/remove all the banners/hoardings/buntings that had been displayed during the inauguration of the new Congress District Office near Mallikaatte, Mangaluru, and also to commemorate the 100th Birth Anniversary of Late former prime minister Indira Gandhi. About 99% of all these banners/buntings have been removed at various places – but a few will be cleared by tomorrow since they were hard to reach.

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In the past, had highlighted various civic issues pertaining to roads, drainage, footpaths, traffic, etc through our website, and 99% have resulted with the concerned authorities rectifying those problems – and now when we had highlighted about the Congress party buntings creating lots of hassles to the motorists, especially the two-wheeler riders, our news report has served the purpose – wherein we heard that many of our readers had forwarded the article via WhatsApp, Twitter, email etc to the concerned people at MCC and District Administration.

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To recall the story, huge cut-outs, hoardings and buntings were displayed in most part of the city, to spread the word of the celebration of 100th Birth Anniversary of Late PM Indira Gandhi and also to welcome these Congress honchos to the Anniversary celebrations and for the inauguration of the new District Congress office. But the question that everyone raised was that, was it really necessary by spend lakhs of rupees on such advertisements and celebrations, while most parts of the State was reeling under severe drought. When most part of the state is reeling under drought, it would have been wise to help the farmers/people there than wasting money on this birth anniversary.

image019congress-party-buntings-removed-mangalorean-com-20161124-019image001congress-party-buntings-removed-mangalorean-com-20161124-001 image002congress-party-buntings-removed-mangalorean-com-20161124-002 image004congress-party-buntings-removed-mangalorean-com-20161124-004 image005congress-party-buntings-removed-mangalorean-com-20161124-005

It is always common that any political party occupies all the roads with banners and displays whenever their leader is visiting the city- And these are not at all removed again once he goes back. And we are seeing it now after the Congress event. Should there be anyone to monitor the cleanliness of the city and fine them when they violate the rules? So to awaken those who were responsible for clearing all these banners/buntings etc, Team Mangalorean highlighted the pathetic scene of these ugly banners/buntings destroying the beauty of this Coastal town. It was brought to our notice that as soon as we had highlighted the issue of buntings/banners etc still existing and creating lots of inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians, that MCC swung into action sending their team to remove all these outdoor publicity materials.

image006congress-party-buntings-removed-mangalorean-com-20161124-006 image008congress-party-buntings-removed-mangalorean-com-20161124-008 image009congress-party-buntings-removed-mangalorean-com-20161124-009 image010congress-party-buntings-removed-mangalorean-com-20161124-010 image013congress-party-buntings-removed-mangalorean-com-20161124-013 image015congress-party-buntings-removed-mangalorean-com-20161124-015 image016congress-party-buntings-removed-mangalorean-com-20161124-016

The menace of erecting hoardings or hanging banners/buntings for the recent occasion had created a lot of inconvenience to motorists, as well as citizens. With the issue of these banners/buntings still lying around in the city was brought to the notice of MCC Mayor, Corporators and other officials after our ardent readers read the report, and later forwarded to the concerned authorities- and guess what- the result was successful with MCC deputing its area Superior along with other help to rectify the problems. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, one of the MCC Superiors who was assigned to remove all these publicity materials said, “I have made sure that all these banners/buntings etc coming under my area have been removed as much as we can. Some of the buntings/banners which were hard to reach will be cleared by tomorrow. But in future, MCC should advise the organisers who put up all these publicity materials, that they are responsible to clear all the mess – and not MCC labourers”.

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7 years ago

Whichever parties, they nee to clean up their left over mess. MCC should stick to its policy. But unfortunately they act indifferent while cleanness comes. I saw a picture where a flag was dangling on road divider. Its a serious health safety factor, some one might loose eye sight if they prick while travelling in bus. Look at a garbage they strew on jogging place in ground. Why don’t party maintains the ground post rallies.