Website Impact! Police Remove ‘No Parking’ Signs Posted by MCC Bank

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Website Impact! Police Remove ‘No Parking’ Signs Posted by MCC Bank

Mangaluru: Talk about the power of media, especially Electronic media where we highlight the civic issues and within few hours or few days the concerned authorities who can’t bear the criticism about heir negligence, quickly get into action and rectify the civic issues. In the past has highlighted various civic issues through our website, and there has been a tremendous effect with most of the problems being fixed in no time, from rectifying dilapidated roads, open drainage, non-friendly footpaths, dog menace etc.



Here is yet another story of website publicity which has brought positive results, and action has already been taken by the City Traffic Police, within couple of hours after a report ” Mangalore Catholic Co-operative bank re-establishes its right over light house hill road” by Prof Narendra Nayak (click on the article link below to retrieve the details) was published this morning (January 4, 2017) in No doubt, that the media plays a key role in shaping the growth of the City and also solve civic problems. We had highlighted the ignorance of the MCC bank officials, where they had erected ‘No Parking” signs on a public property.

In his article, Prof. Narendra Nayak had mentioned that MCC bank has re-established their right over the LH hill road, Mangalore by erecting no parking signs on public property in front of their bank! Some time ago Prof. Nayak had pointed out Bank’s acquisition of this road with barriers with the parking place reserved for them! Later the signs were removed, but lately the no parking signs were back again at the same spot-this made Prof. Nayak to highlight this issue again through our website- and within no time the police removed the signs.

Yes, while Mangaluru City is already facing acute shortage of parking spots, added to that private business owners are making use of some of the MCC owned property as their Parking spaces. Many of these buildings when applied for licences even though they had mentioned about providing parking places, but have constructed shops without space for parking in the building. And the business owners in these buildings have no option, then post ‘No Parking’ sign for their customers. If you look around the City, you will see ‘No Parking’ signs erected in front of the private firms- But do these people know that they don’t own the parking space-they only own or rent their business space- the parking place that they claim to be theirs, legally belongs to MCC/Public. Period!


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A message to all these business owners, it is illegal for you to put a “no parking” sign out by the road, in an misguided attempt to prohibit parking. Such signs can be placed alongside the road only by the authority of the MCC or Traffic police. Essentially all other signs, placed near the road, or indeed anywhere in the public right of way, are illegal and may be removed by the concerned authorities without notice. But sadly that is not happening in Mangaluru. MCC and City traffic police have turned a blind eye against these issues, and commercial/ business owners are taking advantage of this. But they should realize that the road is public, and open to all, with some exceptions. You could probably put a sign in your driveway, saying “No Parking” and be within your rights- but not on a public property which belongs to MCC/Citizens. It is a public street, and you do not have the exclusive right to parking privilege. A no parking sign on the street in front of your business, unless it your property, is ignorant. You do not own the street or have exclusive right to park there nor your exclusive customers.

Team Mangalorean appreciates the quick response by Mangaluru City Traffic Police. Not just from our side, today we felt, that even non profit organizations and citizens, in alliance with Government should really come up to make things possible and intended to work for welfare of society. At least now a common man can get some hope that its grievances are being heard and even taken care of by the traffic officials. Thanks to City Police for taking action although factually speaking they should have taken action earlier- Better late than never! Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for your courage in removing the No Park Sign. I am installing many signs at the request of Traffic Police at my cost for the benefit of Public, specially the Children. But some are removed through help of Corrupt Corporators. I will be watching this.
    There is “No Park” sign everywhere in front of the Business Houses as if they own the Property. IT IS TIME TO TAKE ACTION

  2. Some private banks/institutes are distributing the NO PARKING signs or even fixing these in a serial order in all residential areas as an advertisment. Is this allowed?

  3. Similar situation is posed by the public in Kadri, opposite to Parampara. The jewellery shop has blocked a considerable stretch of MCC space and public are prohibited from parking their vehicles, unless they visit the jewellery shop.

  4. Kindly look into the problem of parking in Dakke area in Jetty. All the parking spaces are ocuupied by some individuals and they threaten to damge the car if any one parks there. No one to protect that happening there. Some firsh sellers and some particular community guys hold power in that place. We common people cannot park our cars there. It will be great of you if you could bring to the notice of police and make proper arrangements for citizens to park their vehicles.It is really a mess over there from morning 6 a.m

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