Westline Imports State-of-the-Art Construction Form-Works for Westline Signature

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Westline Imports State-of-the-Art Construction Form-Works for Westline Signature

Mangaluru: Westline Builders assuredly is one of the trendsetters in the construction businesses today established this point once over. The group has imported the sophisticated construction formwork technology from South Korea, which enables the firm to build a super fast construction yet again at a very high-quality finish.

The most important aspect of a successful structural construction is the form-work system. Kumkang Kind, a company from South Korea, is one of the major manufacturer of aluminium formwork across the world and is known for their highest construction standards which ensures the most trustful, secure, efficient and cutting edge of formwork system technology available on the market.

These aluminium formworks are made of high strength aluminium extrusion which, compared with the conventional form-work allows large but lightweight panels.

This Formwork produces an unbeatable concrete finishing, lesser number of joints thereby reducing the leakages and enhancing the durability. The Shear Wall technology with complete Raft foundation and the box type construction provides more seismic resistance to the structure. Also strong built up of concrete needs no maintenance.

According to Mr Nasir Mohideen, Managing Director, Westline Group “This form of construction is widely used overseas especially in high rise structures. In India, it is catching up but due to high costs of import, it deters the builders from implementing. So its the fight between the cost over speed and quality. This methodology of construction allows a single pour of wall, beam, column, slab and staircases. Furthermore, the prop-head system will allow dismantling the slab panels without removing the props. Thus, achieving unsurpassed construction speed due to the light weight of forms and monolithic construction methodology for concreting. In the case of our project, Westline Signature around 2.5 to 3 typical floors per month is planned to achieve. The structural work in these floors shall finish at once and up to 95% including clean surface walls which surpasses plastering finishes. Imagine it as a huge mould for the entire floor”

Further, he adds “The advantage of Westline Signature over similar types of aluminium for work constructions is that in here you can easily merge flats on sides as well as top or bottom. That’s mostly absent in similar constructions”

Westline Signature is the proposed tallest tower in South India and has obtained all government approvals including RERA. The project has received accolades from construction fraternity and is deemed a feather in the hat for the prospective gauge of the city.

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