What is Modi’s Contribution to Dakshina Kannada? – Ramanth Rai

What is Modi’s Contribution to Dakshina Kannada? – Ramanth Rai

Mangaluru: “BJP is not contesting the elections in Nalin Kumar Kateel’s name. They are contesting elections in Modi’s name. But I want to ask the public, what is Modi’s contribution to this district? When the Congress Govt. was in power, they have contributed a lot such as the ONGC, MRPL, the new Passport Office and a number of other projects. The maximum number of Central Govt. projects that have come to this district has been during the Congress rule”, said Former District minister in-charge B Ramanth Rai in a press meet held at the DCC office, Mallikatta, here on April 10.

Addressing the mediapersons Ramanth Rai said, “Mazagon Dock which was here in Mangalore. The BJP govt. shifted the project from Mangalore to Mumbai and thousands lost their jobs. This is BJP’s contribution, taking things from here and giving it elsewhere. Regarding Vijaya Bank, the Narasimhan Committee had said that banks incurring losses can be merged. Dena Bank and Bank of Baroda were under loss. But, Vijaya Bank was running successfully. Nalin Kumar Kateel has attempted to misdirect the people by saying that the bank merger happened during Manmohan Singh’s Govt. But when Manmohan Singh was Prime Minister, the MP of this district was Nalin Kumar Kateel himself. When Vijaya Bank was being merged, he could have at least asked a question, why didn’t he? Let him show at least one record stating that he has spoken about it in the Parliament.”

He further said, “Another government project, the National Agriculture Research Committee is proposed to go to Hyderabad. To stop that, I had gone to Delhi. The people who have contributed to this district are people like Benegal Shiva Rao, Srinivas Mallya, K K Shetty, and Janardhan Poojary. Still, they say ‘Modi, Modi’. The BJP govt. has not waived the loans of farmers but has waived the loans of businessmen and corporates.”

When questioned about Nalin Kumar Kateel’s claim that he has bought Rs 16,500 crore worth of projects to the district, Ramanth Rai said, “It is easy to spend money that is already coming to the Panchayat. That is all CRF money. Petrol and Diesel have 2 percent Cess. That Cess money is distributed to every district in the country. But they put up banners claiming credit for it.”

Congress MLA U T Khader, JDS State spokesperson Sushil Noronha, Rajya Sabha member B Ibrahim, and others were also present.

What Modi's Contribution to Dakshina Kannada?- Ramanth Rai- Live

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