When Ryan Reynolds aroused dog on set

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Los Angeles, March 19 (IANS) Actor Ryan Reynolds says that on the set of upcoming black comedy “The Voices”, he caused a dog to get a “frightening erection” every time he embraced the pet.

Starring as mentally ill Jerry Hickfang in the movie, which sees his pet cat attempt to convince him to become a serial killer, his canine tries to stop him, but the Hollywood star admits the pooch got a bit too friendly, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“The dog and I got along just great – too well some may say. When I would hug or pet him he would produce a frightening erection. That was a bit troublesome,” Reynolds told Metro newspaper.

While the actor got on well with his on screen pet dog, he wasn’t quite as good friends with the cat as the ferocious feline developed an obsession with trying to tear out his oesophagus.

“The cat I was working with I respected like I would respect a leopard. It didn’t like me and whenever we did a scene, it would try to remove my thorax with its claws,” he said.

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