When you Prosecute One Perpetrator you Save Hundred Victims – Harold D’Souza

When you Prosecute One Perpetrator you Save Hundred Victims – Harold D’Souza

Not accepting a problem, is a problem. Not owning a problem, is a big problem. Blaming someone for a problem is a real problem. Fixing the problem, not the blame is the best solution to a problem says Harold D’Souza an activist on human trafficking in the United States of America.

Harold D’Souza spoke loud and clear at the End Slavery Cincinnati Conference, It is not, #MeToo only, it is #MaleToo. When you save one victim, you save one survivor but when you prosecute one perpetrator you save a hundred victims.

#MaleToo is a very big issue not being addressed in our community. Male survivors struggle with societies shame, stigma and sorrows spread over their mind, body and soul. Truly practiced in the community, family, friends and society that by exposing his problem the survivors “MORIYAD” (PRIDE) is gone. People end up committing suicide. Honour killing, suicide or silence is not the solution to this problem.

Attack is the best defense. Stoic silence is not an option for #Male Too victims. Survivors collaborating with the police department to communicate a strong message to the perpetrators of getting prosecuted is the big step in this movement. D’Souza said; “This inspiring, respectful and empowering Police Officer, Beth Roach from Blue Ash Police is a game changer for perpetrators and a life changer for victims of human trafficking. Salute all Police Officers for keeping our community, family, kids and environment safe, secured for us to sleep peacefully. The air we breathe keeps us alive, similarly, Police Departments presence keeps us protected”.

Beth Monteith Roach, Blue Ash, Police Officer said; “Harold D’Souza and Dancy D’Souza! You have taught me so much – opened my mind, my eyes, and ultimately my heart. I have so much respect for you both. Survivors? Yes. Thrivers.” Beth added; “Harold I think you are amazing and truly respect you. Plus, you are full of wonderful advice and smiles.

Indians especially male immigrants are victims of labour trafficking in America. Always enter legally to be aware of your rights. Do not be scared of Police Officers, they are the problem solvers having a humble, honest and human heart. Harold says; please note these numbers on your mobile to share with family, friends and community. The National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888, SMS: 233733 (Text “HELP” or “INFO”) it is 24 hours, 7 days a week. Website: humantraffickinghotline.org. Languages: English, Hindi, Spanish and 200 more languages.

Harold D’Souza a native of Bajpe, Mangalore has been appointed on the historic United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking, at The White House by President Donald J. Trump.

Looking changes nothing, listening changes something, learning changes everything and loving changes anything. Look, listen, learn and love victims. Survivors are poor starters but strong finishers.

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