Where is Durga Vahini to Protect Rape Victim of Puttur – Mithun Rai

Where is Durga Vahini to Protect Rape Victim of Puttur – Mithun Rai

Mangaluru: “Where is Durga Vahini to protect and fight in favour of the victim who was gang-raped by ABVP activists in Puttur. Whenever there is a protest and where they get money the Durga Vahini members appear with their saffron shawl. In any mall, if any Muslim youth start a business, they come with their saffron shawl and take a roll call. But for genuine issues, they do not raise their voice. The Puttur gang rape incident is a shameful act and we all condemn it. Dakshina Kannada is called as the intellectuals district. In DK we have 156 first grade colleges, 13 engineering colleges and 7 medical colleges but some anti-social elements have brought shame to our district”, said the District Youth Congress president, Mithun Rai during a protest staged in front of DC office here on July 8.

Addressing the protesters Mithun Rai said, “Recently when I visited the K S Hegde hospital to meet a patient, there we met a family from Gujrat. They had come to the K S Hegde hospital to get a medical seat for their son. I questioned them, why they wanted to admit their son here. They said, “In Gujrat, we don’t have good colleges but today we read in the newspaper that a college girl was gang-raped. We will not send our daughter to study in Mangaluru”. In all the institutions they give good education and they don’t allow any politics there. But at the Vivekanand college, they encourage politics. If any student joins ABVP there, they will get all the respect. Because of encouraging saffronisation by the college authorities, students of that college have no fear and indulge in such crimes.”

Mithun further said, “When those involved in the rape case are ABVP activists, other ABVP activists are protesting against it and saying that the students who were involved in the gang rape are not from their organization. Recently in Beltangady, the MLA had said that if anyone does politics in regard to the Cows, we are ready to face such situations picking up machetes. I was happy thinking that, at least they have concern for the cows. But sadly now when our girls are raped they are unable to protect them! How these MLAs can protect the cows if they cannot protect girls from being raped. BJP is talking about illegal cow slaughtering, but in reality, our country is number one in the export of beef and most of the beef exporters are from the BJP. Let them ban the export of beef, by doing so illegal cow slaughtering and cattle trafficking will automatically stop. BJP and the Sangh Parivar members themselves are involved in cattle trafficking. I request to ban ABVP because the organization is instilling hatred among the students. They pose for photos with machetes and with BJP leaders. Our Congress party is always fighting for justice and not for power.”

Mithun also said, “I pity the parents and siblings of the rape accused. Because of their heinous crime, the family members are suffering. The accused should be severely punished. We the Congress party workers are with the victim. Let Durga Vahini sisters come out and give justice to the victim.”

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