Where is Nityananda?

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Where is Nityananda?

Mangaluru: This is a request to trace Nityananda the ín’famous self-proclaimed Godman with Ashram in Bidadi. He has been in the news for having trained children to see through the third eye. Since he has been missing since many days I request his disciples to use these children trained in blindfolded reading through the third eye to use their powers to trace him.

Last year his disciple had cursed me with cancer of the penis and that I should come to him to get cured. A police complaint lodged about the said woman has got a reply from the Bidadi police that she is a Singaporean citizen and comes to the ashram once in a while. The passport of Nityananda has expired on the 30th October and has not been renewed. So, I fear that his curse may have some delayed effect and I may have to grovel at his feet for the cure. If he is missing it will be difficult for me to to do that. I have also come to know through reliable sources in the US that he was to be there last week and has not turned up.

So, may I request his following to use their third eye to trace him?

Narendra Nayak
President Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations

Subject: Re: complaint about one Nityananda and his cohort Mahayogini Nithya Mahayogananda- reg.
To: police@ksp.gov.in

Narendra Nayak
email id- narenyen@gmail.com
cell no. 94482 16343
President, Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations
101, Noel Park, Microwave station Road
Mangalore-575 006


The Karnataka State Director general of police

Dear Madam,

Sub: Complaint against:

1. Parmahansa Nityananda (actual name not known) Bidadi, Mysore Road, Bangalore claims to be a Hindu avatar and the founder of a peetam situated at Bidadi.

2. Mahayogini Nithya Mahayogananda (actual name not known) also at the peetam of the above mentioned Nityananda situated at Bidadi.

While no1 named above claims to be a spiritual man with all sorts of powers, the second named is allegedly his disciple and runs a Facebook page called -Mahayogini Nithya Mahayogananda.

The complainant is a well-known rationalist and has been investigating paranormal phenomenon since four decades and has filed a number of investigative reports, articles etc about them which could be had from the internet, print media, audiovisual media etc. Due to these activities, he has been facing a number of threats too and is being given protection by a gunman round the clock.

Coming to the subject of the aforementioned had come across a video several days ago the link to which is https://www.wittyfeed.com/story/61351/girl-with-super-powers. Since the said video had claimed that the disciples of the above mentioned Nityananda could see without light falling on their retina and also see inside bodies of people he had challenged them to read the serial number of a currency note kept in a sealed envelope as a test of such powers at Mangalore. The said test was to be conducted at Mangalore as the complainant has security threats. This had been carried in the web, print and audiovisual media. He had received some acceptances on the cell phone and also on the web but till date, no serious effort had been made to bring forward anyone for proper testing under foolproof conditions. However, yesterday (4th December) at around 11:30 pm the second named person above had posted on her Facebook page the following:

BLOODY BASTARD u’ve grown old and grey and still have no sense of life NARENDRA NAYAK — I am only too delighted to prove the powers of my third eye to you. From this moment I bless you with CANCER IN YOUR PENIS – ENJOY. For healing, kindly come to Swamiji, as it will be the only solution — our address is at Bidadi, Bengaluru. There are enough hoardings on the highway to guide you. Kindly have yourself tested in 48 hours

This is defamatory and a threat too. She had already posted one on her Facebook page this one on 26th November:

Delighted with this update — a guy online, serial Guru abuser had made crass comments on a picture I had posted with a Nithyananda Gurukul student —�- he didn’t back off or apologize —� I used my third eye to gift him a tumor in his brain which hardly seems to work and said get tested .. in 24 hrs ul see it …. and for getting rid of it … only cure will be Swamiji’s blessings. He laughed it off before sending me a desperate msg today abt his diagnosis from Apollo hospital coming true. So my darling abusers … Beware before commenting negatively on my posts of Swamiji —� I am known to be very generous with my gifts ♥️

Which means the above mentioned Nityananda and his cohorts are in the habit of threatening people with disease and violence. The same is also on her Facebook page on a post dated 4th December at 1:00 am:

Spineless third rate so-called “devotees” of Swamiji who are not ready to stand up ferociously to defend MAHASADASHIVA HIMSELF and the POWERS He has brought down into this Avatara, you are worse than the anti-Hindus who attack us. How dare anyone question the One who expresses as Kalabhairava for being “aggressive?”WE SHOULD BE SO AGGRESIVELY AND IRREFUTABLY ROARING HIS TEACHINGS THAT THE MAD DOGS BARKING “FRAUD” BUCKLE OVER IN EXHAUSTED RESIGNATION! Swamiji’s intense uncompromising integrity and unwillingness to bend before an arrogant idiot challenging the Shaktis for a meagre crore? Come on! Swamiji is clear: He doesn’t need anyone’s money. Come, test the power manifesting Balasanths here, if you can disprove their powers, we will give you five crore! We are HINDUS; we do not sell our Mothers.

I request you to kindly take up this complaint about threats to a senior citizen and an activist who has been investigating and exposing fraudulent claims of the paranormal. I am attaching a photo of both these to this complaint and also a screenshot of the facebook page of no. 2.

Yours truly
Narendra Nayak

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