Why Fish ?

Fish is the most popular sea food. There are varieties of fish. Fresh water fish are more tastier than sea water fish.

Points to note before buying fresh fish:

  • The skin should be moist and slippery
  • A shiny skin with firmly attached scales and bright red mosit gills
  • The flesh should be firm
  • The smell should be fresh
  • Eyes should be crystal clear
It is preferable to use fresh fish as soon as possible. However it can be refrigerated for a day or two. Place the fish in covered dish and refrigerate it. If you have got frozen fish then that can be stored in freezer upto 6 months. Wash and clean the fish throughly before cooking.

Types of Indian and English names of fish:

Rawas: Indian Salmon Fish
Rane: Red Snapper Fish
Gobro: Rock Cod
Rohu: Greas carp Fish
Murdoshi: Lady Fish
Pomfret: Butter Fish; can be substituted with cat fish
Surmai: King Fish
Sangtam: Cat Fish (A fresh water fish)
Shevto: Muliet Fish
Bangda: Mackerel
Sardines: Are small fish
Hilsa Fish: a fresh water fish; can be substituted with cod fish