With Brand New look and Birth of Kannada News Section, Mangalorean.com Celebrates 12 Years of Success Today

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Mangalorean.com celebrates its 12th birthday today, and on the outset I would like to wish a Happy 12th anniversary to our entire Team Mangalorean crew. Today marks a point in time 12 years ago when a flood of new identities were created in Mangalorean.com and a handful of intrepid journos/reporters/artists/photographers took charge to create a new website, which would reach to millions of readers worldwide. And today, over a decade later this website has been transformed by players here locally, in state, nationwide and across the globe, to make it one of the most read and loved website.

The actions, reactions, hopes, aspirations, dreams, success and failure of team mangalorean both individually and as collective group over the last twelve years has shaped an immense, sprawling backstory that has become one of the grandest success story to ever occur, and the best part of the story is that it still evolves as we march into the second decade of Mangalorean.com’s legacy. As as we are celebrating our greatest moments during the past 12 years, it’s time to raise the toast and cut the cake– because it’s mangalorean.com’s 12th birthday! Cheers!


But while most 12-year-olds have a lot of growing up to do, mangalorean.com has already matured into a sophisticated website with an enviable swag of compliments, applauds, good wishes from well-wishers and readers. And while we are stepping into yet another successful year, I on behalf of the management and team mangalorean would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our donors and well-wishers, and especially our ardent readers , for their unstinted support and encouragement- And we look forward for the same in the years to come.

Only website building one time is not going to work around for years and bring results. website maintenance and upgradation is needed over period of time. As the Internet evolves, global quality standards for websites has increased tremendously. A good website needs strategic thinking, appropriate designing, quality process implementation, Internet marketing and regular maintenance. Keeping that in mind, we thought of giving an extreme-makeover to our 12 year old web design, by upgrading it with a brand new look this year. One of our team member said, “Why don’t we include Kannada news in our portal?”. We all thought that it was an very good idea, so without thinking further, we have added a Kannada news section this year in our website. Changes always make a difference! – we are anticipating more readers after our web upgradation and also by incorporating Kannada News Section.

Twelve years might not seem like a long time for some people, but for me my association with mangalorean.com for the last 10 years, it feels like almost a lifetime. Ever since I started contributing articles/poems/ short stories and other reading stuff while I was in USA, since then I never looked back instead involved myself more into this prestigious website, and when I came down to Mangalore two years ago, I decided to be on the editorial board, being at the helm at various duties. I think I made a very good decision by joining mangalorean.com team, where I could unleash my hidden writing talents and share it with my fellow readers. It feels great to be with mangalorean.com and the bevy of management duo, staff, reporters, photographers and others.

Over the past 12 years, mangalorean.com has changed more than its name and focus. This website has transitioned and transformed how journalism should be. Our goal is to help our readers thrive in this era of innovation, transformation and the new trend of journalism. I know that our website has reached such a stage, where it has been a kind of “addiction” to our readers who browse through our website portals in the morning, mid-day, evening and night- to get the latest news and views that they crave for. And it feels great for team mangalorean to know that !

2015 has been a wonderful year for mangalorean.com with many success stories to add to our credit. Our proprietor and editor-in-chief, Violet Pereira was recognized for her contribution in the field of journalism by many organizations- she was presented with the Karnataka Mahila Ratna Award, on April 1,2015 at Beladingala Sahitya Sammelana at Karkala; RACHANA (Catholic Chamber of Commerce and Industry) felicitated her for her excellent performance in Media on International Women’s Day on March 8, 2015; Vishwa Konkani Bhasha Mandal felicitated her on International Women’s Day for her Tremendous Service in Media Field at Shaktinagar on March 8, 2015.

Having also received the prestigious “District Rajyotsava Photography Award” on November 1, 2014, Violet was felicitated by KORWA on December 14, 2014 for her service to the society; Lions Club Mangalore conferred the “Helen Keller Award” on May 8, 2013; Indian overseas Bank had honoured her on Women’s day at St Ann’s College, for her service to the society on March 8, 2013; Lions club of Valencia felicitated her for her tremendous service to the society in 2012. She also received the Best Journalist award in March 2012, from Talent Research Foundation; St Sebastian Church Bendur, felicitated her for her service to the society through media in January 2012.; Milagres Church Mangalore felicitated her for her service to the society through media in 2010- So as Team Mangalorean we feel proud of our talented “Boss”,who is an inspiration and model for all of us at mangalorean.com to follow in her footsteps. Congratulations Ma’am, we are all proud of you!.

Truth is, God helps all of those who ask…even if it isn’t in quite the way we are expecting help. Whatever we do to serve others around us – even through small acts of kindness – may not impact the world as a whole, yet it can make a positive impact on one more person. On their world. In their life. Isn’t that important? It is also doing The Lord’s work when we serve others. To help other people in whatever way we can is the calling of each and every one of us. Reaching out and serving other people is the greatest act of kindness and love. It’s the greatest example that Jesus Christ gave to us through His ministry on Earth. So, while it may be true that The Lord helps those who help themselves, He truly and abundantly blesses those who help others.

Keeping that in mind, while completing 25 years of their Married life, Violet and Joseph thought of an unique idea- instead of spending big bucks by having a lavish bash, they decided to contribute that amount to couple of NGOs and needy people- Financial aid cheques will be presented today ( 10 May) to White Doves, Dayakar Bangera- who had lost his house roof, Jeevadan-a NGO and others. We feel proud and blessed of what we are doing in helping those in need.

Throughout the years, mangalorean.com has tried to publish news without any bias and has promoted an open, passionate debate expressing different views. We have been the voice of the poor, downtrodden, common man, marginalized and weaker section, rich etc- and have reveal the hidden truths in all fields irrespective of caste, creed, religion, politics, and so on. Our website is the voice of the people, and we always strive hard to publish tomorrow’s news today !

Being in a website business is not an easy task. There’s something to be said about not only surviving in an industry as volatile as the website business, but thriving amongst the numerous channel magazines, newsletters and websites. We are still ready to accept the gauntlet and face the odds and challenges in order to make mangalorean.com the best website in coastal district, nation and worldwide – and for that we solicit your fullest support and patronage.

I think that we’re all as one in agreement that news is more interesting than frivolity, and that actually with the world as it is, and the way it has been for the last 12 years, it’s madness to turn away from current affairs. I think there’s a much needed role for us as an digital media company not bogged down in decades of bureaucracy and can actually speak and interact with young and old people in an honest and interested manner. At mangalorean.com we don’t make news, we spread the news !

Mangalorean.com wouldn’t have accomplished all these things or the website company it is today without a lot of luck and the hard work and dedication of the many men and women who have worked over the past 12 years. As we traverse, we intend to scale greater heights and touch the lives of innumerable common people in the society, thereby also trying our best to accomplish many more milestones in the years to come.

History of Mangalorean.com in a nut-shell:

According to Roshan, the founder of Mangalorean.com, it started with a burning desire in him “to give something to his community”. Utilizing his expertise in computer technology and armed with the unstinting support of a loyal friend, QueenieMendonca, he set about designing and developing a website for Mangaloreans around the globe. The project started from scratch and took almost five months to complete. When it finally settled in web-space, it had just 8 columns – Marriages, Kitchen, Subhashai, Mangalorean Voices, Mangalorean Star, News, Calendar and Chat. Because of unavoidable circumstances, real-time chat was discontinued and EYT (Express Your Thoughts) was introduced.

There has been no looking back since then. More and more members joined Mangalorean.com – articles and reports were contributed and new columns were introduced. The launching of ‘Messenger’, a tool that allowed members to protect their identity while they communicated, brought about a significant transformation.

Konkani Zone was then launched and it remains to this day the pride of M.Com and one of its most popular zones. Kannada section Katha Sangama was introduced in 2007, in response to a demand from voracious readers and writers of Kannada. By then, Inner circle, Classifieds, Captured Moments, Youth Corner, Travelogue, In my opinion and Mangy Humour have all been added and our members have contributed beneficial articles regarding Health Beat, Science Vision etc.

In December 2009, almost six and half years after starting the website, its founder Roshan D’Souza had to pursue higher education in the USA, and he decided to pass on the ownership to any of the interested Team Members who had stood by him over the years in making Mangalorean.com the best Mangalorean web portal.

Besides, the time zone difference made it difficult for Roshan and Queenie to update news from Mangalore and Udupi on time, the then-team member Violet Pereira along with her husband Joseph Pereira came forward and took the challenge. Violet Pereira took over hundred percent ownership of www.mangalorean.com and she opened the first office in Mangalore on January 21, 2010 which is registered under Mangalore Media Company. On September 15, 2011, mangalorean.com opened its branch in Udupi.

Ever since, they have made steady progress and worked day and night to cover events and update news and features promptly. Fatima Education Trust started by Violet Pereira has been helping the poor and ailing students to continue their education or to get medical treatment.

Our Team worldwide includes members from various places like Mangalore, Udupi, Bhatkal, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and of course, the USA. All our dedicated Team Members have stood firm with M.com all these years to update news and features from the places they are stationed in.

Mangalorean.com has without doubt achieved what it initially aimed to do. It has not only brought Mangaloreans closer to each other, but has also made a sincere effort to preserve Mangalorean ethos, culture, language and tradition. We feel that, even though the journey so far has not been easy, it has been entirely worthwhile, bringing with it a complete sense of satisfaction and pride.

What has been appreciated by our readers far and wide is that the portal has not shown any leanings towards any faith or community in particular nor any preference to or bias against any political ideology. It has desisted from becoming a mouthpiece for anyone but is only trying to be a voice for those who need to be heard.

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9 years ago

Congratulations and all the best to the team. Mangalorean.com is part of out life

9 years ago

Congratulations Mangalorean.com team. You are doing a wonderful job by highlighting all the issues promptly. We wish you reach greater heights.

9 years ago

Our heartiest congratulations to the entire team of magnalorean.com. You guys are rocking.

Suresh Bhat
9 years ago

M.com is doing a great job! Congratulation and jubilation!

Joe D'Souza
9 years ago

Congratulation Mangalorean.com Team for your success through hard work. I start My day everyday in touch with Mangalore Community through you all. Also I feel very happy when I see my brother Mr.Alfie as part of the Team with His excellent Articles. Since I am in USA ,I am unable to pass my Best Wishes from My hand to Your hand, so I am sending them through Your own Web site Mangalorean.com.

9 years ago

Congratulations and God Bless Violet/Jossie and team Mangalorean.

9 years ago

Congratulations Team Mangalorean. Wishing the best for all your endeavors. May Mangalorean grow many folds in near future, providing clean & unbiased news as always.

9 years ago

Clean, Crisp, and Unbiased News- mangalorean.com simply the best. Congrats and may You celebrate many more anniversaries.

Original R.Pai
9 years ago


9 years ago

A LANDMARK DAY Indeed..!!! CONGRATS Dear VIOLET & JOSEPH & ALFIE. mangalorean.com is my preferred website, Not just for News but all round ,Balanced Diet. It provides a well rounded Diet of everything, news, humour, interviews, local to international. Madam Violet Does More than Journalism & Photography–She Shows HUMANITY. No doubt She Wins Honors by the Dozen.12 YEARS..is indeed a Long Way. A Special Mention of Dear ALFIE, has to be made. He has added depth, humour, meaning & Charm to mangalorean.com. His comprehensive coverage on any topic he deals with, is thorough & incisive. He has helped create Health… Read more »

9 years ago

Congratulations and God Bless Violet/Jossie and team Mangalorean – good and noble intentions will take you further.