With Strong Will, Bed-Ridden Arjun appears for PUC Exam at St Aloysius

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With Strong Will, Bed-Ridden Arjun appears for PUC Exam at St Aloysius

Mangaluru: For hundreds of nervous students frowned over dog-eared textbooks minutes prior to the state board’s PUC First Year exam, but for 18-year-old Arjun Adyanthaya there was a bigger test to pass. After all, dictating answers you cannot write yourself because of a raw pain shooting up from a broken leg doesn’t make for the best circumstance to work out derivations or calculate accountancy numbers. But he did it through sheer force of will, and luckily he had his neighbour help him out write these answers for him in the separate exam hall at St Aloysius PU College. And this good Samaritan who volunteered to be the scribe was Rashmi Mallaya- a BBA-LLB student at SDM College, and also a neighbour in the apartment where Arjun lives.

Bringing about a change in callous attitudes may take some time, but till then reservation empowers the physically challenged not just in their profession but also in their lives. What it establishes is a precedent and more than one role model. In this case, we have Arjun as a role model and inspiration to other students that in spite of him differently-abled, who is very much determined and committed to answering his exams. Arjun suffers from Osteogenesis imperfecta – a genetic disorder that results in fragile bones, which he affected with when he was six months old.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Bhagwandas Adyanthaya, the father of Arjun who works as an executive at Gurudev Plastics Ltd, with his wife Vanitha (a housewife) , beside him, said, “When Arjun was six only months old, he developed a rare disease called Osteogenesis imperfecta – a genetic disorder that results in fragile bones. Although we knew that Arjun had weak bones, but doctors informed us saying that Arjun’s condition would improve when he turns eight years. Initially, he was treated at a private hospital in Mangaluru, but later he underwent treatment at a renowned private hospital in Manipal, where they inserted rush rods, which helped in a lot of developments.”

“Earlier we used to live in our own apartment on the first floor, but since this apartment building didn’t have a lift and a car park, we decided to move into a rented flat which has an elevator- since Arjun has to be moved around in a wheelchair. Arjun can sit, but cannot walk, since he is totally dependent. My son is very intelligent and can grab things fast. He aims to be an automobile engineer since he is very much interested in learning about the manufacturing industry. Even though Arjun was suffering from fragile bones, unfortunately, couple of weeks ago when we were driving back home in our car, I was forced to apply the brakes suddenly when I saw a snake crawling in front of the car. Arjun who was sitting in the back seat, rolled out of the seat and fell down hard, which resulted in bad injuries to his right leg and both his hands, which needed the plaster.” added Bhagwandas.


He further said, ” Due to this injury which is painful, it has been hard for Arjun to sit on the wheelchair. With this condition, me or my wife have to be close to him when he studies since he is unable to hold up a book. We take all precautions so that he is not hurt while moving him around. We also had a raised donations through a web portal, and with that money, we were able to buy a motorized wheelchair. The doctors have said that the plaster on Arjun’s leg and hands will be removed by this month end. We thank the Principal of St Aloysius PUC Fr Alwyn Mendonca and the staff for their unstinted support- they all have been kind and nice to my son, and I am very grateful to them. Also thank everyone who has been very supportive towards our son, and the media”.

College Principal Fr Melwyn Mendonca speaking to Team Mangalorean said, ” Arjun is a very bright and intelligent student, who had secured 82% in SSLC, and he was interested in joining the science course. But I felt since there is lots of standing in the lab it would be very hard for Arjun to adjust. So I suggested that he take up commerce with computer science, after which he can continue his studies in BCA or MCA. We have very supportive to him and have provided all the facilities that he needs, while at class. We also constructed a ramp so that it would accessible for his wheelchair. A special chair is provided for him inside the class. Also, our housekeeping staff are always there to assist him whenever he need help. Since he had a fall recently and has his hands and legs plastered, we made this special arrangement for him to attend the exam,”.

“The college is doing everything to support him academically. Arjun has been regular to class and has always answered the exams on his own- only this time due to his injuries he has taken the help of a scribe. He is very good at studies, and his presence in the class is an inspiration to other students. When Arjun said he would take up the final exams with the rest of the students, we could not refuse the enthusiastic and determined young boy, even though he could not sit in a chair. A cot and a scribe for the bedridden student was arranged, and we are happy that Arjun has finished all the papers today” added Fr Mendonca.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Rashmi Mallya said, ” Since my mother works with Arjun’s dad at Gurudev Plastics Pvt Ltd, I was approached by Arjun’s parents whether I would help him out by being a scribe, for which I readily agreed. Also since I knew Arjun for a while since they live in the same apartment where I live, I couldn’t hesitate to be a volunteer. Arjun is very smart, and during the last few days, he has been quick in answering his papers. Today being the final subject in Accountancy, he has successfully finished the subjects in English, Economics, Computer Science and Business. Persons like Arjun who are in need of help should be obliged without any hesitant. I feel very blessed that I have been a good Samaritan to Arjun when he needed help while he answered his exams.”

When asked how he felt answering his exams by sleeping on the cot, for which smilingly Arjun replied, “It was little hard but I managed to do it. My neighbour Rashmi was very helpful as the scribe, and I had full support from my principal Fr Melwyn Mendonca who always comes and blesses me before I answer my papers. My lecturers and other staff at my college have been very supportive and encouraged me a lot- to all of them I say a big thank you. Not to forget my parents, they have been my supporting pillars, and I owe my humble gratitude to them. Please remember me in your prayers for my good health”.

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