With Theme ‘Respect for Culture Diversity’ FMCI observes ‘World Bioethics Day’

With Theme ‘Respect for Culture Diversity’ FMCI observes ‘World Bioethics Day’

Mangaluru: WHAT IS BIOETHICS? Ethics involves the set of rules that society has agreed about living with other people for minimums, which are human rights. Bioethics is a branch of ethics, which is the interdisciplinary study of problems created by biological and medical progress (micro and macrosocial level), and its impact in society and value system, both for now and for the future. Bioethics concerns for ethical questions involved in human understanding of life. It is born by the necessity of a critic reflection about ethical conflicts, which are caused by progressing in life science and medicine. Technological and medical tools have an important role in society and it has to manage.

It is important to know that bioethics does not defend a particular moral attitude nor offer determinant and definitive answers, but it searches a grounded, critic and argued reflection centred in the singularity of a concrete situation. Bioethics is a notch above professional ethics followed by doctors. It asks questions about what is the right thing to do in a particular situation. This discipline involves a human approach to medical issues. Evolved in the 1950s, as it combined the understanding of morality emerging from social sciences with healthcare and environment.

Even though this year World Bioethics Day was on 19 October 2019, but as they say “Better Late Than Never”, Father Muller Medical College Hospital, Mangaluru observed “World Bioethics Day” on Monday, 25 November 2019 at 3:00 pm in the Decennial Hall, Library Building, FMCI. Following a prayer invoking God’s blessings, the programme was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by Chief guest Dr Animesh Jain- Head of Mangaluru Unit of UNESCO chain of Bioethics, Haifa, along with Dr J P Alva-Dean of Father Muller Medical College, Dr Sanjeev Rai- Chief of Research, FMMC; Fr Nelson Pais-Assistant Administrator, FMMCH; Dr Padmaja Kumar- Vice Dean-FMMC and Dr Nagesh -Head of Bioethics Unit-FMCI.

On the occasion, the New Team of Bioethics Unit of FMMC was installed by the chief guest, followed by prize distribution to the winners in the poster painting competition on the theme “Respect for Culture Diversity”.

In his presidential address, Dr J P Alva congratulated the Bioethics unit of FMMC for doing a great job in organizing various activities and programmes to bring awareness on Bioethics under the leadership of Dr Nagesh. The chief guest Dr Aminesh Jain spoke on the theme “Respect for Culture Diversity”. The welcome address was delivered by Dr Nagesh, and the vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Vinay Rao, the Secretary of Bioethics Unit of FMMC. The programme was compered by Shashank Reddy and Rathik, both II year MBBS.

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Fr Muller Holds World Bioethics Day 'Respect for Cultural Diversity'

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