With Theme ‘Rise As One’ St Aloysius PUC launches 2-day ‘Pre-Unique 2018 ‘ Talents Fest

With Theme ‘Rise As One’ St Aloysius PUC launches 2-day ‘Pre-Unique 2018 ‘ Talents Fest

Mangaluru: St Aloysius Pre University College-Mangaluru has given ample opportunities to the students to take part in various co-curricular activities, sports, also in academics. The Institution has also given a chance to the students of other colleges to participate in various contests, thereby unleash their hidden talents
and excel. And now once again by hosting ” PRE-UNIQUE 2018″ which is an extension of this tradition as the quest for talent spreading its wings and beckoning more talents from other Colleges and High schools. PRE UNIQUE 2018 will challenge the students with the theme “Rise As One”, during the 2-day mega-fest which was inaugurated today, 9 November and ends on 10 November. This annual cultural and intellectual fest comprises of various competitions for the students to challenge themselves with each other.

St Aloysius PU College has always insisted on integral formation and spares no effort to produce balanced persons in the best sense of the term. In keeping with this tradition, the College wishes to help students rise to excellence. PRE-UNIQUE is one such platform that raises the intellectual, sporting and cultural talents of the students to new heights. This year, with the theme “RISE AS ONE”, Pre-Unique 2018 aims at sowing the seed of Unity in young minds, so that they may go out into the society and spread their branches to Unite every Heart and Mind. Living by example, Pre-Unique 2018, has united sports with culture and for the FIRST time has introduced a “Sporting Contest’ category, comprising of a Volleyball Tournament. Apart from this, there are 38 competitions held over a span of 2 days, 09 and 10 November 2018. 30 colleges and 20 High schools are participating in this event.

The inaugural of Pre-Unique 2018 was presided over by the Director of AIMIT, Mangaluru, Rev. Fr Denzil Lobo SJ. The Guests of Honour were Devdas Kapikad from the Tulu Film industry and Ms Varsha Rohit, a National level Athlete, a model and alumnus of St Aloysius P U College. Pre Unique 2018 was declared open by releasing the balloons by these dignitaries, along with the College Principal Rev. Fr Melwin Mendonca SJ, the Finance officer Rev. Fr John Lang Bosco S J, the Vice Principal Mrs Charlotte D’Souza, and the Pre Unique staff and student conveners. Mrs Pramila Patrao, the Staff Convener welcomed the gathering. An amalgamation of different talents on stage highlighted the uniqueness of the grand welcome organized. Also on the dais were the Staff Conveners Mrs Pramila Patrao, Joseph Prem Saldanha, Mrs Aleen Crasta and the Students conveners Ms Elanor, Adrian & Kian.

In his address, chief guest Devdas Kapikad appreciated the college, it’s unique talents, discipline and said that one can expect such perfection only from St Aloysius P U College. He appreciated the teachers and quoted Purandaradasa to reminisce his own teachers who brought out his hidden talent. He concluded his address with a melodious song and enthralled the crowd gathered. This was followed by a theme song by Ms Divya Fernandes from the college band ‘Gravity’.

The Principal of the College Rev. Fr Melwin Mendonca SJ, welcoming the guests and congratulating the conveners said that there is magic in the campus and Pre-Unique is an event to feel the magic. He also added that St Aloysius PUC is a platform to blossom and bloom and discover one’s talent. He also highlighted the theme ‘Rise as One’ and urged the students to set new challenges, help one another especially the downtrodden, to remain united and eliminate all evils and build a strong country. “This year, the aim of pre-unique 2018 goes beyond cultural unison in society. We believe that youth are the best channels to spread the fragrance of unity. Let us learn to accept and respect the beauty of diversity around us and reconcile with nature, fellow human beings and with ourselves. Our greatest glory is in holding onto the rightly chosen theme ‘Rise As One”added Fr Melwin SJ.

Rev. Fr Denzil Lobo SJ, former Rector and Present Director of AIMIT, in his presidential address, said that the world is incurring tremendous changes and the students should prepare themselves to face the challenges ahead and said that if they want to fly with eagles they should not swim with the ducks. He further said, “Your academic career should be focused only on your subjects, but you need to involve yourselves in co-curricular activities, where you can unleash your hidden talents. How we experience life is more important than what we become in life. Dream big, plan well and achieve your goal”.

The contests held for the PU college students are- Prathibhima (Face Painting); GOG (Gift of Gab-Just a minute); Khabadi Se Khazana ( Wealth Out of waste); Pandora’s Box (Thematic Dance); Infinite Quotient (Quiz); Marathon Art (Relay Drawing); Blink (Photography); Triple Transmission (Pictionary, Dumb Charades and Taboo); AC/Dc (Circuit Designing); Feel the rush (Band); Mimesis (Mock Press); Code It (Computer C + +) ; Auto correct (Spell Bee); Puranadarpana (Kannada Pre-scripted Act); ASAW (Amateur scientist of work-Model Making); Charmuri (Variety Entertainment); Hawkshaw in Aloy (Treasure Hunt); Pre-Unique Beats (News Bulletin); Colour Your Thoughts (Bottle Painting); Tycoon (Hard Sell); Desi Dulhania (Bridal make Up-Mehendi, Nail Art and Hairstyle); Broadway (Script, Direction and Act).

Contests for High School students comprise of – Triple Transmission ( Pictionary, Dumb Charades and taboo); Infinite Quotient ( Quiz); Paradise of Petals (Flower arrangement); Auto Correct (Spell Bee); Just Doodle It (Pencil Sketch); Mimesis ( Mock Press); Hawkshaw in Aloy (Treasure Hunt); Aathmabhashan (Poetry Recitation); Movie Scoop; Game of Clones ( Fancy dress); Symphony (Group singing); Janapada Sogadu (Folk Dance); Haathon Khwaab (Clay Modelling); Bannada Habba (Rangoli).

Ms Pramila Patrao, Miss Meural Nancy Furtado, Joseph Prem Saldanha, Ms Aleen Crasta and Miss Anasa were the event coordinators. Ms Anoma Lobo compered the programme and Althaf Mohammed & Ms Suman Sunil proposed the vote of thanks. Lecturer Ms Kiran Shetty briefed about Pre-Unique. For the valedictory function tomorrow at 3 pm, Mithun Rai, President of the Indian Youth Congress and Astikh Avinash Shetty, from the Tulu Film Industry will be the Guests of Honor, which will be presided over by College Finance Officer, Rev. Fr John Lang Bosco SJ.

In conclusion, Pre-Unique 2108 has come up with a huge assemblage of expressions, experience and entertainment to create an intellectual, sporting and cultural unison. The participants will embark together on a voyage of excellence as the journey ahead is filled with promises and endless possibilities for talented students to put their benchmark in the fields of their choice. ‘Rise as One is to bring unity in diversity and to create an awareness that every student is one. The same holds true with the students in Pre-Unique 2018, that collaborates to bring out exemplary work. Since its genesis, Pre-Unique has earned immense popularity and the College attributes it to the benevolent participation and cooperation. Let’s Celebrate Together!

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