Woman Gym Trainer Attacked With Acid by Man Who Was Later Found Dead

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Bhopal: A young trainer in a Bhopal gym is in hospital with serious burns after she was attacked with acid this morning by a man who was later found dead.

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The police say that after Sanjay Patil attacked the young woman, Renu Sahu, he was beaten up by a mob. He allegedly then stabbed himself.

Ms Sahu, who is in her 20s, is being treated for 50 per cent burns.

Sanjay Patil was her neighbor, the police said, and had been stalking her for months.

On her way to work this morning, Ms Sahu realized she was being followed by him.

She reportedly went to a police station to complain but was asked to go to another. On the way, Sanjay Patil allegedly stopped her and threw acid on her.

Ms Sahu’s mother alleges that Sanjay had been harassing the family for months.

“We had known Sanjay for years as he was our neighbour. Lately, he had started harassing us and my daughter,” said Mamata Sahu.

The police said the family had registered a complaint when Sanjay allegedly attacked them in their house recently. “A few days ago Renu’s family had registered an FIR against Sanjay Patil for barging into their house and beating them up. And today he attacked the girl with acid. By-standers say that the accused then stabbed himself to death,” Arvind Saxena, a senior police officer, told reporters.

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