Woman Lecturer Attempts Suicide, Blames 3 in Facebook Post

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Woman Lecturer Attempts Suicide, Blames 3 in Facebook Post

Bengaluru / Sullia: Has the DySP Ganapathi’s suicide case given rise to a new trend among those ending their lives to name persons with whom they have had old scores to settle?

A suspicion to this effect is supported by a case of suicide attempt by a woman lecturer. Lakshmi, of Kasaragod origin, who was earlier employed in a PU College in Bellare of Sullia taluk in DK district, had been transferred to the government PU college in Nelamangala near here about a year ago.

While in Bellare, she had alleged harassment at work and a case had been filed in the Sullia police station. Later, the police had submitted a ‘B’ report and closed the case.

Yet, a few days ago, she is said to have received a court summons from Sullia and was upset over it. Currently residing with her family in Manganahalli cross near Nagarbhavi in Bengaluru, she attempted to end her life on Friday morning.

She was rushed to a private hospital immediately. She is being treated in the ICU but is said to be out of danger. Her son Aravind said that no complaint had been filed in the matter.

What has given a twist to the case is that just some time earlier she had uploaded a post to her Facebook page announcing the suicide that she had planned.

She squarely blamed principal Subraya Gowda of the PU college in Bellare and other staff and also Sullia police sub-inspector Chandrashekhar for her death.

In the same post, she had also sought action against them, adding an ominous comment that if at all she would have another birth, she would not like to be a woman. What is intriguing is that she happened to delete the post soon thereafter, before attempting suicide.

There is a similarity between the Ganapathi case and hers. Both blamed persons holding responsible positions after a long gap, two years and a year respectively.

While the Ganapathi case took a serious turn with minister George having resigned and two top police officials facing trouble, whether this case could have likewise aftermath is yet to be seen.

Responding to the news, Bellare principal Subraya Gowda said that there was no fault on the part of himself or his staff and the case was a closed chapter.

On being asked, Sullia SI Chandrashekhar said that the case in Bellare had been investigated into in a transparent manner. Further decision would be taken after consulting the superiors, he added.

Now that the suicide attempt has failed, more details would be available only after Lakshmi fully recovers and gives her version.

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