Women have been mistreated for long: Waterston

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Women have been mistreated for long: Waterston

Los Angeles: Actress Katherine Waterston feels that Hollywood is changing in terms of gender parity and women empowerment. But the “Fantastic Beasts” star says that it is a long, painful and slow process.

“Women for so long have been mistreated or undervalued. It perpetuates the abuse. The more the world and young boys see that women are represented equally to men, that they are making the same amount of money…they will be like ‘I should respect them equally’,” Waterston told IANS here when asked about the ongoing #MeToo movement and discussions around gender equality in Hollywood.

“It is a long, painful and slow process and I am hopeful that I am going to continue to see progress,” she added.

The actress said one has to wait for at least 10 years to witness an actual change.

“We are in the middle of it right now. I am very optimistic that it will get better and better. But in a way we don’t have a perspective on that yet that how much it is going to change things.”

The actress continued: “I always say that I wish journalists would talk to very young actresses. They might have a hard time getting access to because people are the most vulnerable when they first start out…. I wonder what it is like for those girls for who some agent or producer or someone in a position or in power might think ‘Well, this person doesn’t have the platform to call me out. People will believe me over her’.

“I will be curious to know from those who don’t have much of a voice if they are feeling the difference. But definitely I think in the world that I am in now, working with lots of different companies, producers and directors — it feels that there has been a big change.”

In terms of representation, Waterston said there are “more diverse films being produced”.

“More and more stories around female characters than before. I do think that it helps balance the scale. If you see women in leadership position, you treat them with respect. You see that they are as deserving to be there as a man.”

The actress has featured in projects like “The Babysitters”, “Steve Jobs”, “Alien: Covenant”, “Logan Lucky” and Warner Bros Pictures’ “Fantastic Beasts” franchise. She essays the role of auror Tina Goldstein in the franchise.

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