Working with relatives can be dangerous, difficult: Tanaaz Irani

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Working with relatives can be dangerous, difficult: Tanaaz Irani

New Delhi, May 26 (IANS) Actress Tanaaz Irani says working with relatives can be very dangerous and difficult. However she says that sharing stage with actress Delnaaz Irani, who is her sister-in-law, is a different camaraderie altogether.

Tanaaz and Delnaaz are working together after 18 years on a play titled “Wrong Number”. They last worked together in a play titled “I Do I Don’t”.

“Working with relatives is really dangerous and working with relatives is difficult but working with Delnaaz is not like working with a relative. I think we both are very mature and senior enough as we do not let any non-sense get in our way . In real life we are sisters-in-law but I don’t think that we have ever displayed that relationship on set,” Tanaaz said in a statement to IANS.

“Delnaaz and I have always been friends. I guess it is very rare that you get to see Parsi’s in the world of Hindi theatre. Delnaaz and I more or less think the same, except I presented in a more energetic, more stormy and in a more naughty manner whereas, Delnaaz is more calculated and slightly slow but being a Virgo she is nice and simple,” she added.

“Wrong Number”, which will be staged here on June 3 at Rang Sharda Auditorium, is a play about juggling with time and space to present the lives and loves, passion and panic of three married couples.

Presented by production house Felicity Theatre and directed by Raman Kumar, the play also features Avtar Gill, Rajesh Puri, Rahul Bhuchar and Rakesh Bedi.

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  1. Working with relatives or family members is not dangerous but often sensitive because each of us want to preserve our family ties at all timeand under all circumstances.

    Business comes and business goes with all objectives being carefully watched and adhered. At the end of the day, whatever happens to the business is equally important, but more important is the family link where members of the family need one another and preserve all the family ties.

    The community always looks upon the family unity to survive and prosper.
    A family that prays together stays together, and the family that stays together need one another in good times and tough times. A family unity is good for the community so that a family can be a role model to all others that watch their unity and diversity with pride. When a family smiles at each other the world joins together and create an atmosphere of joy.

    The family togetherness is good for everyone.

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