Workshop on Cyber Security for District Police Held in City

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Mangaluru: A day-long workshop on Cyber Security (Information Security Awareness for law enforcement agencies), conducted by CDAC-Hyderabad on association with NITK Suratkal and Mangaluru Police was held at the Police Commissioner’s office here, on April 5.

Posters spreading awareness on cyber safety were released by Police Commissioner Chandra Sekhar on this occasion. DCP Law and Order Shantaraj welcomed the gathering.


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Speaking on this occasion, Director of CDAC, E Mahesh said, “Criminals are being more inside in doing online fraud and it is better to be safe than sorry. These posters should be posted in malls and other public places and awareness should be spread through the media.”

Associate professor from NITK Surathkal, Dr Alwyn Pais said, “We started this programme at NITKS in 2004 and am thankful to the Commissioner of Police for welcoming us over here.” He urged students to take up computer sciences so that they would have the knowledge on cyber security. “Technology should be used to make society a better place,” he added.

Police Commissioner Chandra Sekhar said, “CDAC institute is recognized at the national level. It is the final authority that we approach when it other resources fail. We must remember that whatever that is useful to us, can be used for destruction as well. IT is one of the most important inventions after wheel and fire. We have to be careful and not ignore small things like a WiFi password as these small things can be misused on a large scale.”

SP Dr Sharanappa said, “Information and Communication tools have made our life easier. We create online accounts and share our information there. But when those companies are trying to keep your information secure, there are hackers who are trying to hack into their vaults.” He said that though awareness was spread, people were still being victims to fraudulent messages and calls.

DCP Crime Dr Sanjeev Patil delivered the vote of thanks. Associate professor at NITKS, Dr Santhi Thilagam was also present.

While interacting with the mediapersons, Commissioner Chandra Sekhar spoke about the Vinayaka Baliga murder case. He said, “A citizen is murdered and the police is doing everything possible to give him justice. We don’t have any credible information that the accused have left the country and I don’t wish to comment on it.” When asked the Commissioner confirmed that police from other states were involved in the investigation, but declined to reveal further details.

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