When the world was planning their Valentine’s Day!

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When the world was planning their Valentine’s Day, I was going through agony at the hospital. I had been admitted for a monthly injection which was bound to make my week go bad. I was going to miss having a valentine date this year and that was the true agony. I have to go through this injection, once every month and have cursed God numerous times for it. Well God doesn’t mind me cursing at him for sure; he has been taking it quite well. The injection is given through an IV, an agonizing drip which runs for about 5 hours.

I usually sleep off. But at times I decide to interact with my immediate neighbour and I was lucky enough to find a family at the next bed who seemed to be a jolly lot. The patient was Muniyappa (Name changed), a farmer who was fighting a long battle against cancer of the intestine. His list of woes was really large and I was at shame to think that I was going through something incredible all this while. I will spare my readers from going through all the gory details of his treatment, but will add that Muniyappa has survived three surgeries and is very weak to undergo the much needed fourth one. He is under aggressive chemotherapy for the past three years and that is a standalone incredible feat by itself. Such people unwillingly go through so much pain and push their limits of tolerance every single day. These I believe are superheroes. Muniyappa is a true inspiration.


Muniyappa had his wife and son as his attendees. His wife would get his food and his son would help him with his daily tasks like using the loo. His son is a science graduate and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree. His son, Jagadish (Name Changed) had a dream of joining the Indian Army, but had cut his dream short when he learnt of his father’s illness. When I urged him to give a ‘try’ to the army selections, Jagadish said, “Army is just a dream right now. I think my services are much needed here.”

His wife says that Muniyappa is short tempered and is furious at silly things. I did witness a tantrum when his wife offered him some tender coconut water. I feel Muniyappa is not to be blamed as his treatment must have taken a toll on him and might have caused a very bad mental injury. His wife said, “At the age when he is supposed to rest and see his children earn, God has given us this grief.” I was of the opinion that after all this suffering, the family must have lost their faith in God. But later upon completion of my injection, when I was discharged and was pleasing my empty stomach at a hotel, I found Jagadish taking a meal parcel. His forehead was marked with fresh sandalwood paste. May be I was wrong after all, their faith was intact. I didn’t take their contact information. I think they deserve their privacy and that is one thing I can give them.

My Valentine’s Day was not a waste after all. I got to witness true love all over again. Muniyappa is really lucky to have his family beside him. Go to an old age home; you will see many aren’t this lucky after all. I am sure I know the source of Muniyappa’s strength now. It has to be that continuous stream of love he is being showered upon.

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  1. Dear Billford, I do pray for u everyday for more than a year, even though we have not met. God gives strength to everyone in his own way which we don’t realise. But I do enquire about you with your relatives abroad. Do be strong in faith and God bless.

  2. Mr. Billford Monteiro,

    A fantastic article. Very moving story. I wish you and Muniyappa the best of health and speedy recovery.

  3. Well written!!! We moan about small little things without thinking of those who are really suffering and are in greater difficulties. Keep up the good work!

  4. We hardly see our luck till something happens in our life that gives a big turn .and realize what a fool we are.Here the article clearly tells us in short and clear ,not to blame God or anybody else,but realize how lucky you are than someone else.This experienced myself too .Now when I see a glas of water only half full,I tell O you have atleast half full,when others say ,hey only half glas is empty.I too had a hard time due to sickness.But I know I live still where People of my Age still youngerones are no more.This I thank almighty God.

  5. “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies”
    Sometimes, in future we may not get what we hoped for, but hope is the only thing that keeps our present life running…,
    Hope is the mankind’s biggest strength, which makes us to overcome all the pain and survive a little more.. and little more..,

    – Nice article, feelings are well expressed…,
    It made us to, stop worrying for not having a bf/gf and look for friends and family who were with us,
    When we were in pain and had taken care of us.
    “Love” truly is, just a synonym for “Care”.

  6. This article is an eye – opener.We definitely have a lot of things to be thankful towards the Almighty. Beautifully written 🙂 Thank you. 🙂

  7. Truly touching. we always have so many complaints in our life,but really we are so lucky .This article gave me a different meaning of Valentine’s Day. Thank you.

  8. I believe that being happy with your loved ones is like a Valentine’s day. Nice ways to express the views on Valentine’s day. Loved the views of the writer. Nice article. Thank you.

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