‘World Water Day’ observed at Sahyadri College

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World Water Day on the theme “Water for Nature” was held at Sahyadri Campus “Quality of drinking water was essential”

Mangaluru: World water day was observed at Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management on 22.03.2018 in association with Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB), National Service Scheme Unit and Department of Civil Engineering. C.J. Jagadeesha, ISRO, Hon. Secretary, KERF, Bengaluru was the chief guest of the inauguration ceremony of World Water Day. He addressed the Civil Engineering Students and faculties regarding the role of Civil Engineers in water resource management and assessment and how one could contribute to the society to meet the future per capita demand of water. He also spoke about various methods of water irrigation systems and categorized the same based on their efficiencies.

Manjappa Sarathi, Director – Research, SCEM welcomed the gathering. Dr. U.M.Bhushi, Principal, SCEM in his presidential address conveyed to the students to put forth the insights that they received from the programme amongst the public and work towards augmenting the solution for the current issues pertaining to water management. Prof. Sunil Kumar K, HoD, Department of Civil, SCEM rendered the vote of thanks.

The Department of Civil Engineering had organized a technical talk on the occasion of World Water Day so as to create awareness regarding the quality of water which is to be maintained so to cater the requirements of the people in day to day life. Dr. Sushmitha Vamshi, Health Advisor & Wellness Consultant, Bengaluru delivered a technical talk on water quality requirement for consumptive use. In her address, Dr. Sushmitha spoke about why maintaining the quality of drinking water was essential in the current generation and generations to come.

Requirements of a healthy cell, H2O composition of body, Kangen water properties, anti-oxidation, alkalinization & micro-clustering of water, process of free radicals, pH of potable water, our typical diet, water channels and aquaporins, ionized water etc were the highlights of her technical session. She aided her talk with demonstration regarding antioxidation, alkalinization & micro-clustering of water properties during her session. The students interacted with the resource person throughout the technical talk.

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