Yeddiyurappa to induct 11 more in Karnataka cabinet

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Yeddiyurappa to induct 11 more in Karnataka cabinet

Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yeddiyurappa will induct 11 new ministers into his ministry, a BJP spokesperson said on Friday.

“Amongst 11 ministers, maybe nine will be accommodated (from by-election winners) and another three from the regular BJP cadres,” Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson G. Madhusudhana told IANS.

However, he said he was not privy to any names that would feature in the final list.

Commenting on the amount of time being taken to expand the cabinet, Madhusudhana said 11 non-BJP candidates winning the by-election and all of them being promised a ministerial berth has created imbalances.

“…the entry of 11 non-BJP legislators getting elected on BJP tickets with an assurance of cabinet berth for everybody has really caused a lot of commotion, a sort of tension and a regionally imbalanced and a caste imbalance also,” he said.

To rule the state, the spokesperson said regional and caste balances are a must.

“Regional balances… ministers coming from different parts of the state. And ministers representing different groups of people. These two things are not there with the assurance we have given to a group of people who are the benefactors of our government in Karnataka,” said Madhusudhana.

As a result, the question of how to accommodate, how to make a balance has been the problem with the Chief Minister, the high command and everybody as a matter of fact, he said.

Amid this chaos and jigsaw puzzle, Madhusudhana said some balance has to be struck, some have to be convinced and some simply sympathised with.

Some hopefuls will be promised next time as politics is a game of hope, he added.

According to the BJP leader, being the Chief Minister is like wearing a crown full of thorns.

“Both (throne and crown) have more thorns than roses. But the thing is sitting on the thorny throne, he (Yeddiyurappa) has to smile at the people, he can’t weep,” he added.

The much-delayed cabinet expansion has already been postponed several times.

The BJP won 12 of the 15 Assembly seats in the by-elections while the opposition Congress could win only two while an Independent won one.

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