‘Yeh Hai India’ concept convinced me to star in it: Himanshu Soni

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Mumbai, (IANS) Actor Himanshu Soni, who played the title role in the popular serial “Buddha” and arrives on the big screen for the first time with “Yeh Hai India”, says the concept, writing and plot convinced him to star in the film.

“Concept is the only criteria I keep in mind while signing a film. Money is the last thing on my mind and I look for films which would be liked by everyone from children to elderly. And when director Lom Harsh narrated the script to me, I was left stunned. The concept, writing and plot convinced me to star in the film,” Himanshu told IANS.

“Lom’s script for Yeh Hai India proves that India is not inferior to any country. My character in the film wants to explore the traditional achievements of India and so he lands in India from Britain.

“He finds the hassles of corruption, pollution, population and other such issues. But gradually as he gets to know more about India, he rediscovers the rich heritage of India, why British ruled over India and which Indian principles they’re still following,” he said.

“Yeh Hai India” will be jointly directed by G.K Yogesh and Lom Harsh and jointly produced by Lom and Sandeep Choudhary under the banner of DLB Films Pvt. Ltd.

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