You can keep all the ‘Star Wars’ in your pocket

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New York, July 9 (IANS) You can now keep all the ‘Star Wars’ paraphernalia in your pocket thanks to a new Disney and Lucasfilm’s new mobile app. The app, released recently, is essentially a 24-7 hub for all things ‘Star Wars’, reported.

Most notably, the app has augmented-reality feature. The Force Trainer section transforms your phone into a lightsaber as you train with the same kind of remote Luke Skywalker uses in the original ‘Star Wars’ movie, and the Augmented Reality section puts a virtual Stormtrooper or BB-8 droid on your screen after you scan one of their custom posters.

There’s also a weather hub that tells you which ‘Star Wars’ planet your city feels like. For example, at about 18 degrees Celsius, Minneapolis feels like Endor at the moment.

The app also has a section that features all kinds of ‘Star Wars’ reaction graphic interchange format (GIFs), official videos from the ‘Star Wars’ universe and a sound board with classic quotes from all your favourite characters.

That is not all. The app also has a section that lets you take a ‘Star Wars’ selfie that you can share with your friends on social media.

So don’t delay and just download the app and get the thrill.

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