Huge Theft in Belve Shankaranarayana Temple

Huge Theft in Belve Shankaranarayana Temple

Kundapur: It is the beginning of the monsoons, accompanied by frequent power-cuts. This situation seems to be giving ample opportunity for thefts in all parts of the two districts.

When greed gets the better of virtue, even gods are not spared. The latest target of the miscreants was Shri Shankaranarayana temple in Belve in the taluk. When the archaks arrived for the morning pujas in the early hours on Saturday, the lock of the precincts was found broken open.

The doors of sanctuary, store-room and office were also broken open. Pedestal lamps, silverware and a gold medal were found missing. The total loss could run into lakhs of rupees.

The archaks and trustees, in the company of prominent citizens, held a meeting with the police who arrived on the scene. Steps towards investigation as also ensuring security in the future were discussed.

As mentioned already, the rain and power-cuts were likely to be taken advantage of by the thieves in the coming days. Hence the citizens requested the police to see that police beats be held more frequently, esp., in the nights.

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