Incessant Rain brings Down a Dilapidated House on Arya Samaj Road

Incessant Rain brings Down a Dilapidated House on Arya Samaj Road

Mangaluru: Even though Team Mangalorean had published a report {Caution! House in Ruins may Collapse-Cause Casualties to Pedestrians, Anytime?} on 22 September 2017, and had sent the article link to the concerned authorities at Mangaluru City Corporation, including the former Mayor Kavitha Sanil- no one cared to take action- and now let them all feel the guilt and face the consequences, as the said mentioned house came tumbling down around 12.30 pm due to heavy rains- and the house debris is scattered on the road- making it certain restriction for vehicle to pass by.

Luckily due to heavy rains there were not many pedestrians on that stretch of the road, and also vehicles were seen limited today due to bad weather. If not Arya Samaj road is a busy road on any given day. Speaking to Team Mangalorean CA Sunil Gonsalves, who lives right in front of this collapsed house said, ” At around 12.30 pm I heard a loud collapse sound- and the first thing came to my mind was that the old house across my residence might have fallen. Surprisingly I was right, and I quickly informed the police and Mescom so that certain they could take certain precautions. Glad that no one was hurt, since usually this road is busy all the time. I see a bunch of electric wires hanging around which could pose danger to commuters. Even though I had complained to the concerned officials of MCC months ago, and also had requested to highlight the issue, seems like everyone sat on their….? Hope the authorities will do the needful soon for the safety of the citizens”

Now recalling the story of this house published earlier, Team Mangalorean had warned MCC officials that this house which was in ruins could come down anytime, when heavy rains strike. {Refer the earlier article link below for complete story}. And we were right, the heavy rains did bring the dilapidated house down. In the past, Team Mangalorean had highlighted certain safety hazard civic issues in, and within no time MCC had taken action in rectifying those issues. But unfortunately, in this case MCC officials didn’t act quickly and rectify this particular safety hazard created by a dilapidated house- and here we have the negative result.

It should have been part of MCC to act quick and do the needful before it was too late, when Team Mangalorean and CA Sunil Gonsalves had alerted them about this dilapidated house. We all know that pedestrians are the most vulnerable on city roads. Right from the dangers of heavy traffic moving in the city to safety hazard issues like dilapidated footpaths, bad roads with craters (potholes), falling trees/branches etc- now this house was yet another safety hazard for pedestrians, and even motorists moving around near it. Numerous pedestrian-related accidents take place every year and about half of them result in casualties. Yet, despite all the brouhaha over pedestrian safety, the city officials and also the police are clueless on the volume of pedestrian traffic and other civic problems in the city. Hope this incident will bring changes in the attitude of MCC officials, to respond to civic issues soon before it’s too late.

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