Liaison with Married Woman Reason for Panchayat Official’s Suicide?

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Liaison with Married Woman Reason for Panchayat Official’s Suicide?

Sullia: Dhananjay (35), the panchayat development officer at Madappady panchayat, had left the office on Tuesday and had been missing nor was available on mobile contact since.

His wife and relatives made a search but there was no result. On Wednesday, some milk-producers who were on the way to the cooperative to deliver their supply saw a body hanging from a tree ar Kempumori in Kamila.


It was identified as that of Dhananjay from a death note found on his person.

Dhananjay, son of Fakira of Keremoole, had been working as the PDO at the Madappady panchayat over the past three years. He had married Asha from Puttur ten months ago.

Now there are unconfirmed reports that he had intimacy with one Prema, a librarian in a library located close to his office.

Prema hailed from Muttinatota in Suntikoppa of Kodagu district, and had been given in marriage to Sundar of Kaje in Madappady. They have two children – a male and a female.

On April 1, Dhananjay and Prema had travelled to Dharmasthala together with her two children and stayed in a lodging house there. When they returned the next day, the children informed the family members. This had unpleasant repercussions.

Former panchayat president Machulu summoned both Dhananjay and Prema and cautioned them not to continue any illicit relationship. The PDO went to the panchayat office and around lunch-time left the premises. Thereafter he had gone missing, only to be found dead, hanging from a tree the next day.

In the death-note, he has mentioned that he alone was responsible for his death. He had been looked after well by his parents and wife.

He felt sorry for having betrayed them. In the next life, he would like to be born to the same parents and would have only Asha as his wife, he wrote.

He has also confessed that he had attraction towards Prema but she had no fault in the matter.

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