Mangaluru: 405.9 Kms in 23 Hrs 47 mins! Pro-Cyclist Dony Menezes adds another feather in his Cap

Mangaluru: He is just like the Energiser Battery Bunny in the US TV commercial advertisement, who keeps going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going – and trying to break all the cycling records made by other pro-cyclists. He is none other than pro-cyclist Dony Menezes, who has added yet another feather in his cap by pedaling 405.9 kms in 23 hrs 47 mins-indeed a mission accomplished.


When it comes to cycling and trying to beat some earlier records set by other pro-cyclists, Dony Menezes doesn’t look back, instead moves forward to see that he achieves his goal -he is just like the “Energizer Bunny” (if you haven’t seen the advt, check it out- someone with seemingly unlimited energy and/or endurance- Someone who will never quit trying. He won’t give up. Much like the Energizer Battery’s Mascot, he just keeps going and going and going and going….

He tries again and again, because Dony with determination is like that, an Energizer Bunny-type friend, but instead of keep going and going, he keeps trying and trying. He is a true definition of a perpetual motion machine. Team Mangalorean congratulates the “Cycling Hero” Dony for his yet another achievement in his cycling hobby.


Just to give a brief description why I refer Dony to the Energiser Bunny is for the simple reason that pro-cyclist Donny Menezes, turns out he really does just keep going and going, like the Energizer Bunny, the symbol of battery maker Energizer Holdings Inc.,USA -the pink bunny, always pounding a drum, always wearing sunglasses and flip-flops, made his debut in an October 1989 ad and has, well, kept going ever since. Now entering his 26th year, the advertising icon has become famous enough that people who persevere beyond reasonable expectation are often referred to, or call themselves, the “Energizer Bunny.” Nearly three decades later, he is still going strong. The Energizer Bunny -“He speaks to longevity, determination and perseverance. He personifies the Human spirit.”, so does Donny- who keeps Cycling, and Cycling and Cycling….and simultaneously breaking previous Cycling records!

For Dony Menezes who took up this cycling hobby just a few months ago, riding his bicycle regularly has become one of the best ways to reduce his risk of health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. And he has benefited a lot, including relieving himself from various health problems from regularly cycling. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” had said Albert Einstein- and this cyclist has great passion for cycling that he has enjoyed this hobby by pedaling for fun and glory, and this sport has kept him moving in his life. Not only cycling has kept Dony healthy, it has also brought him name and fame through various cycling records that he has been breaking after he took up cycling only eight months ago. Bravo to a big achiever!


Now coming to his newest cycling record that he achieved on Sunday, 21 February-Dony completed 405.9 Kms in just 23 hrs 47 mins. Starting from his residence at Mary Hill-Mangaluru- he set on his cycling journey little past midnight of Saturday (.003 am)-from Mangaluru he reached Kundapur at 3:50 am, from Kundapur he pedaled towards Brahmavar/Kalianpur twice to and fro (distance of 50 kms) ending at 6:30 am; After a quick breakfast, he pedaled back from Kundapur to Mangaluru, reaching Kaup and doing some rounds there – from Kaup he reached Mangaluru at 11:30 am, covering a distance of 245 kms.


After lunch and taking some rest, he again ventured on his cycling journey at 4:10 pm again towards Katapady, from there he turned back to Yermal near Padubidri and back to Katapady, to and fro twice covering a distance of 60 kms. Around 9:20 pm he started back towards Mangaluru, when he reached Kuloor he turned back to Baikampady covering 6 kms, and the time was 11:25 pm. From there he pedaled towards his house reaching there at 11:50 pm. Checking his Strava app recording, it showed total 405.9 kms gained, and within few minutes, Dony says he received more then 350 kudos/compliments and over 60 comments from all over world from top cyclists from India and all over the globe. Andrew Taafe from New South Wales Australia, Robin Heard from California USA, Archimedes Assis from France,.Nishita Shanani from Mumbai- India, Arlel Gonong from Singapore, and many local cyclists from Mangaluru among many others posted comments praising Dony’s superb achievement. Bravo, a job well done!

22-02-2016-cyclist-dony-menezes (5)

During this journey, the moving speed was – 17 hrs 40 mins 5 secs; Total elevation gained : 1563 mts; Total average speed : 23 kms/hr; Total timing covering 405.9 kms: 23.47 mins. This is what Dony had to say apart from achieving goals, “All I have to say again is that Cycling makes you a better person, a positive person, a positive thinker. It also keeps you away from bad habits like smoking and drinking. By waking up early and start riding your bike will keep you fresh and healthy. If I can do it at the age of 47, anyone can do cycling. There is no age bar – anyone can take up cycling as their hobby – and you’ll be glad that you did it. Happy cycling to all of you – and one of these days I may even run into you on the streets”. Once again from Team Mangalorean, kudos to Dony for a yet another great achievement!

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Wow. What a feat. You are unstoppable, almost a week back you climbed 6065 meters. Now this, what else is coming sir, I am speechless, 405 kudos to you. All the best. Great work by

Original R.Pai

truly motivational!!!! Keep it up!!

Indeed you are a”Energiser Bunny” like the author has aptly put it. Keep it up, and keep pedaling for more glory-make Kudla proud.

Seems like Alfie likes Dony so much- look at all the write-ups that are truly motivating and inspiring for anyone to take up the cycling hobby. Congrats Donny and thanks Alfie for your great articles. Great job!

Nelson Lewis

Can anyone give me the email of Mr. Dony Menezes, so that I can communiate with him?


You are the true mascot of Mangalore bicycle Club.what a energy. As Mr Alfie described of USA ad of battery very well suits you. Hats off once again sir.great article by Mr. Alfie.


Thank you Mr Jerry. And thanks to Pai sir. I am also great full to Mr Alfie and his team

Jay Menezes

This feat of Dony (my good old buddy and brother) is an absolute display of grit and determination. He has learnt to take no for an answer. Every time his friends and cycling fraternity told him that this can’t be done. He got even more charged. And what happened on Sunday is the result of the challenge posed to him. He has displayed the simple. But, incredible law of “mind over matter”. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors and may he make and break many more records.
Congratulations and Hats off!!!


Wow what a achievement , Dony you are now in national level. We are very proud of you, not only we entire Mangalore is proud you. Great article by Mr Alfie Dsouza and team.


Thank you Susan, John,Nelson. If you guys support me like this I am sure I will achieve more goals in cycling.


Thank you Brother Jay, For your lovely comments. Definitely it will boost my confidence for my future cycling events.

Thank you my dear Rita Menezes, I am great full for your support .


Awesome display of both mental and physical fitness. I can only imagine the stamina, focus and patience needed for this. Great job!


Thank you Roshan


Great accomplishment Dony!

Simply admire your perseverance and determination.

Keep pedalling and hope more records tumble!